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All my fantasies
Is just written in my unwell poetries
All the promises
Was all just a made up wonderful images

The powerful mind
Can't even give what I think is mine
The image of time
Is giving the limit to what I want to had

But what do I have
Not a question to what I already got
But what could I done
To the cruel world I got to fight

What is my sense
I only live to the waves
I just made a mistake
Don't know if I could find a ways

After all what done is done
A mistake that cannot be undone
I've ruined the promises I've got
Can't stick to what I planned

All mess up words I want to pulled out
I don't know why it all turned down
I'm just good of ruining my plan
But I still don't know how to go out

I don't want to escape in my sinful moves
Even all I can do is to regret
This a mistake I can't escape
Yes, I won't escape

This my promise just to myself
I should learn and face the consequence
What I've done is what I should realize
I Already got what should be my plans


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© 2020 Xalice

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