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All The Woman I Am, I Owe It To My Mother

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Stories are meant to be told & it is my mission to preach the most inspiring stories that will touch your heart.


Learning to establish acceptance rather than remorse and self-destruction in an early life is exceptional. Not everyone can play strong while walking through the greyness of solitude.

Though the main stars of this article are those who lost their fathers, this is also for anybody who has a desire to understand a single mom’s journey, a daughter’s journey, and their unbreakable bond together.

This is a story about a girl who experience loss early in life but defied the circumstances by clinging to her mother’s unconditional love and unforgettable lessons. The story stars Murway Sagolili Ebrado, whom I met three years ago when I was working as a Customer Service Representative. I know her personally and I guarantee you that this is worth the read. She’s a wise woman, strong, independent, and free spirited and her story will absolutely empower you regardless of your gender, race, or status.

You don’t have to be a woman, a sister, a daughter, or a niece to connect yourself with her story but rather use this article to understand mom-daughter relationships on a deeper level so you’ll be able to appreciate more of their presence.


Short Bio

Hi, my name is Murway. My friends use to call me Way. I'm the only child and I only have my mom right now because my dad passed away when I was 16-years-old. My mom is a servant of the community particularly providing her genuine services with CFC Handmaid’s of the Lord located in Carcar, Cebu.

It’s apparent to me that serving is her passion and she took me by surprise remembering back on November of 2018, she gave up her passion to support me in my journey. She temporarily left the community to support me full-time.

Fast forward to today, I am currently working in one of the largest and famous retail company which is Amazon. I'm a Customer Service Associate and I've been in the BPO Industry for almost five years now.

During my day off, I use to do long walks to the mountain side of our barangay. When I was still working at IT Park, I use to do 15-20 minutes walk just within the vicinity of the park. Walking is one of my favorite hobbies that I am actively doing up to now. I also love reading inspirational and suspense books. It gives me daily motivation and thrill. I'm happily single and at the same time, I am glad that I am able to use my time wisely with people who needs my attention and care especially to my relatives and friends. I'm friendly, approachable, and trustworthy person, but I have few set of people whom I consider my genuine friends and they know who they are.

Chapter 1: Tragedies Turned Strength

Murway’s young mind was tested to its full strength by taking away one of her precious allies – her dad.

She was in Junior High School doing what normal students would do. It was the day when she can get her report card and so, let’s assume that day was indeed an important day for young Murway. The day became more important when one of the sisters who served the community approached her to convey the heartbreaking news.

Murway’s father is dead. He was hit by a bus. The poor guy was fighting for his life in the hospital for more than 30 days and was in a state of coma for 7 days prior to his death.

This is such a big heavy burden to carry but Murway proved to us that despite inevitable tragedies, we can still enjoy our lives. In addition, she demonstrated that despite of losing a parent, life still goes on. Moreover, she showed us how to turn the absence of his father into embracing her mother’s presence in full undivided attention.

Shing talking to Murway:

Shing: Do you think dad’s passing served as your bridge to becoming closer to mom?

Murway: I admit, I am a daddy’s girl but I don’t consider dad’s passing served as my bridge to becoming closer to mom. Maybe in the sense that my dad’s never been physical to me. I never experienced being scolded by him compared to my mom who is authoritative. Though I could say that my dad’s passing opened up a new avenue for me to understand my mom’s great love.

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Every time my mom and I reached our boiling point, I always remind myself that words will not destroy our bond.

— Murway Ebrado

Chapter 2: Unbeatable Mom-Daughter Relationship

Our Differences Makes Us Sweeter

Mom and I usually argue on things because we have different views and have certain opinion on things. There are moments when she and I would act as if we were lawyers defending our clients in an open trial. Most of the time, the conversation turns into an argument and we lose sense of control, and when this happens, I instantaneously remind myself to not take things personally. After all, she’s my mom; the sweetest thing I have in my life, she shared.

Her Criticism Is The Foundation Of My Strength

Often we associate criticism with negativity causing us to overlook the critic’s most honest intentions. There are multiple reasons why we do this and it’s completely understandable. The truth hurts us big time especially when it comes from the people we value the most. However, if we manage to turn the other cheek we'll be able to see the good side of criticism. Let’s prove this assumption by continuing on Murway’s story.

My mom is my biggest critic, but she is the only one who understands me wholeheartedly.

— Murway Ebrado

My dad was not a disciplinarian like my mom, so I misunderstood her intentions back when I was younger. But as years went by, I realized that my mom’s love is the greatest blessing I’ve received in my life.

She was always supporting me despite how bad or good the situation was. She’s my cheerleader and my critic. It’s safe to say that everything that I am now is because of my mother’s unconditional love, she continued.

Mom Is My Shelter Despite Of

Conflicts are a norm in life and no matter how cautious we are, times will come when we upset the people closest to us.

It’s disheartening when I hear my mom said how much she regret marrying my dad because she saw shitty qualities in him in me. For me, it’s heartbreaking because I was the fruit of their love, so how dare was she to say those words to me; it’s upsetting.

Although mom breaks my heart sometimes, we never miss to come back to each other to remind ourselves that we are each other’s angel. The most important thing to me is our relationship and for any means possible, I fix whatever went wrong along the way.

Her Lectures Cultivate The Strong Woman In Me

Shing talking to Murway

Shing: What is the biggest lesson you learned from mom?

Murway: The biggest lesson I've learned from mom is to take my challenges and difficulties as my advantage because if I am expose to tough scenarios, it will teach me to be independent, to be strong and be firm in my making a big decision and as what my mom always taught me, once I embrace and treat challenging situations as an edge, it will be more easier for me to live with it.

Shing: That’s unarguably true. What is the best quality of mom that you think you’ve got?

Murway: I believe one of the best quality that I’ve got from my mom it is on the way we communicate and value people around us. We both build strong connection to people closest to our hearts even to newly met people or strangers who just need some help on how to get to their destination. To people who simply wants to be heard and wants to feel that we have got their back.

Chapter 3: All About Murway

“I’m currently saving right now for my tuition fee and enrollment fee next year because I claim and manifest that year 2023-2024 will be a year of breakthrough and a year to make a difference. My ultimate goal is to finish my degree in AB ENGLISH – Applied Linguistics. I just need 1 more year to achieve and cover the five year work related experience since I am going to finish my degree through ETTEAP. With God’s help, I will be able to achieve my goal and bring my mom to the center stage as I marched down for my college graduation,” she said.

Shing: Without a doubt, I know you can achieve your goals. How can people find you?

Murway: They can follow me on Instagram @iammurway


Chapter 4: Inspiring Lessons From Murway

While it’s painful to lose a father, gaining a mother’s undivided care is profusely euphoria. Unquestionably, there are various lessons each of us can individually pick from Murway’s story.

Here are my top five picks and I hope it will resonate with you.

  1. Family does not engrave hatred no matter what.
  2. If I learned anything from my mom, it’s the importance of value.
  3. The most beautiful memories we can store in our minds are the ones we spend with our parents.
  4. A mother is the greatest blessing one can receive.
  5. By the absence of our fathers, we have the opportunity to bestow all our undivided attention, love, and energy to our mothers.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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