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All the Hopes Are Attached to You Alone

A doctor, a poet and a researcher who writes to help and inspire others.

It is also true that there is no relationship with you

All the hopes are attached to you alone

We recognized you at first sight

People who have not been acquainted with you for a long time

The night was dark and filled with fragrance

The color of the morning is even darker than you

We are unrelated to every color and style

The relationship that was once with you is also established

It cannot be said separately

You will have to tell what is in your heart


There is also a scar of loneliness in your chest

I know I would never be far from you

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The eye is also veiled, the sun cannot stand

The heart is also a wall and does not allow me to meet you

Why do we walk the same path from eternity?

Know what Naqsh Kaf Pa wants from you


You wanted to break this separate thing

Dil Bay Maya did not want anything from you

When night came, the heart did not ask for a candle If the sun is out,

I did not ask you for shade

Which is associated with your destiny

That star is asking for light from you


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