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Albino Hair



Its beauty appears through the lights
for it hides when the dark bites
It shines like a precious stone in the ocean
only the chosen could ever find

Hidden as it is for the innocent man
meaningless for the undeserving gentleman
It seems a unique one white tree that grows
in the open field of her eyebrows


It symbolizes life of her own
must be kept when it pulls, not to be thrown
Its value is more than the gold,
and is more than the life of heroes ever told

Wise men tried to extract it but in vain
even Shakespear failed and so he grained
Nothing could pull it even Mars
the god of war in Rome
Not even Michaelangelo-like
in the four corners of the room


Nothing but only one who loved her most
ever could
To the man whom the value of Albino hair
is told
Deserving man can pull it fervently
before walking the aisle to the altar with her happily

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But it must be drawn in a right time
as when the lyrics must go with its rhyme
And as the promise echoing in the ear of the writer
"My Albino hair is only for you, my Albino hair."

-Lloyd B. de Guzman

*I wrote this when I was in college...been published in our school publication.

*Take note - most of the readers (my schoolmates) keep asking me about the meaning of the content and to whom this poem dedicated to but no one ever heard my answer...until today.


Lloyd Benitez De Guzman (author) from Puerto Princesa City, Puerto Princesa, Philippines on September 25, 2020:

Thanks po mam ana.

Ana on September 25, 2020:

She must be so special. Indeed, you are lunatic poet sir!

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