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Albert and His Christmas Gift

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Albert and Gini

Wilson and Ramela were a happy couple and had one son Albert and one daughter Gini. Albert's age was 8 years and Gini was younger than him by 3 years. Albert was like a guide to Gini. Whenever Albert went out of the house Gini followed him in the lawn or backyard or even to the ground in the side of the nearby tree cluster where children used to assemble in the evening time for petty games, chit-chat, and other childlike hue and cry activities. Albert loved Gini much and Gini also reciprocated by becoming his shadow and trying to follow him in the house or outside the house wherever he went.

Wilson and Ramela were very proud of their children and felt happy about this bond between Albert and Gini. The only problem that they found in this relationship was that Albert being elder to Gini commanded over her so much that if Gini disobeyed him then he usually slapped her or beat her though Gini never took that seriously and even if she got hurt she after weeping for a short time, again started to accompany and follow Albert. Wilson always told Ramela that Gini for that matter appeared more mature than many grown-up people who fought with each other on small matters. Ramela agreed with the views of Wilson and felt pride the way Gini took things so sportingly in spite of being so young.

The Christmas time

Christmas was approaching and Ramela was busy in Christmas shopping and selecting gifts for friends and relatives. She discussed the gifts with Wilson as usually every year they together finalised the gifts. Wilson told her that this time whatever gift they are planning for Albert, it is to be kept secret and is to be given to him only after he stops slapping and beating his younger sister. Ramela was a bit surprised by this attitude of Wilson and asked him whether it was not too harsh a thing to be done with a boy of such a tender age as that of Albert. Wilson told her that Albert had a fancy for Christmas gifts and this was the only way they could treat him psychologically to stop offending his sister time and again. Ramela was not sure whether that method would work and she did not like the idea much but on Wilson's insistence, she finally agreed to go for that sort of an experiment.

Wilson's method

About 10 days before Christmas, Wilson called Albert and told him that yesterday late evening when he was returning from work he saw Santa Claus on the way stopping the people and giving them some messages. Santa Claus also stopped him and had told him that this year gifts would not be given to those children who tell lies or offend their siblings or do not study seriously etc. Wilson told Santa that there was no child like that in their house but Santa smiled and told him that he knew about all the children as his scout elves had already given him all the details about the children in the town and Santa very well knew that Albert was a studious boy never telling lies but often offended his younger sister. Santa also told Wilson that he was only a messenger and as these gifts directly came from God it was necessary that these gifts go to the good and deserving children only.

Albert was very much shocked to hear all these things so clearly spelt out by his father. He always thought that beating Gini was his right and how could one ask him to stop it. But the lure of the gift was too much and he decided that he had to stop beating Gini and he promised Wilson that he would never offend her.

Change in Albert

Wilson's crafted narration did a magical transformation in Albert. Though habitually Albert sometimes forgot about his promise made to Wilson but then he controlled himself much and during the next week there was no incident when he had beaten Gini. In fact, Gini was much surprised by this change in the behaviour of Albert and in her innocent way asked him why he was not slapping her like earlier. Albert simply smiled and told her that as he loved her much he decided never to hurt her. Gini felt satisfied with this explanation and was very happy and continued to be the shadow of Albert.

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The Christmas gift

Wilson was observing the great change in the behaviour of Albert as he had completely stopped offending Gini. Wilson was very happy that his corrective ways finally yielded good results and he told Albert that if Albert continued like that then his chances of getting a good gift in the coming Christmas increase significantly. Albert was so happy to listen to those sweet words from his father. With his change of attitude towards Gini, Albert was sure that he would eventually get a Christmas gift from Santa.

The next day Wilson went to the market and bought a game CD that Albert was requesting for quite some time. He reached home and told Ramela to keep it under the pillow of Albert on Christmas night.

Christmas gift

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