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Advantages of Reading Books

Importance of reading books

Importance of reading books


The human being is the most intelligent animal made by the almighty god. They have the power to adapt knowledge. According to some great personalities, knowledge grows by reading books, magazines, etc. But in the world of today, people are forgetting to read books. It is scientific that reading books, magazines, articles is very beneficial for us. Nowadays, the internet is accessible to people all over the world. So, the values of realistic books are being decreased by people and we can get anything in the picture forms or video forms. So, we do not need to imagine the originality. Premade videos and pictures completely help us to make sense of the matter. But if we read books ourselves, we will be able to get full of the enjoyment of the particular matter. Many kinds of researches by experts and scientists proved that reading books helps the human mind scientifically.

The more we read the more we gain knowledge. Information is like an ocean. There are many sources of knowledge like Science, Art, History, Fiction, General knowledge, current affairs, etc. When we read various kinds of books, we get able to acquire more knowledge. Benefits of reading books are-

  • Imagination development
  • Vocabulary progress
  • Growth of judgment power
  • Concentration development
  • Development of smartness
  • Expanding more opportunities to get jobs
  • Each book contains a different world itself. Discover the new world
  • Increases the power of tolerance
  • Grows emotional intelligence

Develops the power of imagination

"Imagination is more important than knowledge”

-Albert Einstein

Reading books, especially story books, improves the power of imagination. This kind of book contains many different situations. When we read anything thoroughly, we can relate ourselves to that situations. And different types of storybooks or informative books help to make sense of us and make us realistic

Vocabulary grows by reading books

Vocabulary grows by reading books

Grows vocabulary and writing skills

Books are the ultimate source of knowledge. We get more words and terms of different genres when we read several types of books. These words may be technical or non-technical. We get able to know many matters which are not related to our own lives. Thus, reading books grows our vocabulary. According to a study, more than 85% of rich people read books at least half an hour a day.

Besides this, reading books is a unique source of interest and wisdom to write about new matters. When we read many books, we know about many things and become able to write about new matters. Even reading books grows our empathy for others.

Knowledge makes us smarter

Knowledge makes us smarter

Helps to know the world differently

Developing knowledge is very effective to make ourselves smarter and wise. Wise men can compete with others all over the world. Knowledge is very effective to get jobs and it is useful for business also. A wise person can define and judge differently than other people. According to a study, Emotional Intelligence is created by reading various types of books, articles, magazines, etc.

Develops the power of concentration

Reading books keeps our brain active up to 350% to 400%. When we read books seriously, we try to concentrate on a particular point or matter. And after practicing reading books and articles regularly, we get able to focus well on a particular matter.

Reduces stress

Reading books makes us fresh mentally and we get able to adapt to new bits of knowledge and situations. It helps us to think about some new matters instead of the usual things related to our regular lifestyle. Sometimes we get bored and feel monotony in our daily lives. But new and interesting books help us to get rid of boredom. Reading for at least 5 to 10 minutes reduces more than 50% of the stress of human beings

Energize the mind

The human body needs exercise to stay fit but exercise helps our mind very little. Reading books is a kind of exercise of mind. Book reading can help to energize our minds. It is very useful for the exercise of the brain muscles. Especially reading fiction is more effective to get intelligent than reading non-fiction.

A study in 2013 proved that reading fiction is more effective to get a better ability to understand others than reading non-fiction.


How to develop the interest of reading books of children

Nowadays the new generation is getting more addicted to the internet than reading books. They get a new world in this. But it is very harmful to them. Not only phones or laptops makes them idle and motionless physically but these also restrict the mental growth of the children. But we all should show them the path to reality.

  • At first, let children know what a story is and what science means.
  • Then start telling them various stories.
  • When they grow, give many storybooks, informative books with good pictures and articles.
  • When they will understand the values of books, they will be addicted to books and informative magazines automatically. This addiction will help them to get knowledgeable and to grow wisdom.


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Lady Dazy from UK on May 11, 2021:

Good article, I have certainly been able to learn a lot of interesting facts from reading all sorts of books.

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