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Admit Defeat in Loved Ones

I am an ordinary person. My interest has been to write stories and stories of daily and past events. That I want to share with you.

Why do we always want to win?

Every one wants victory always.

Why do we all run after victory?

What is kept in victory?

Whatever you see, everyone has the same opinion.

He wants him to win in every situation.

All the people of the world want to win.

No one wants to defeat.

Have you ever thought?

You get as much happiness as victory. Sometimes more

Happiness then that, you can get even at your defeat.

You may be wondering how this can happen.

The joy of victory in defeat.

Only a foolish person can think like this or a person who has never won.

The same person can think such things.

When the whole world is running behind conquering and

I am talking about finding the joy of victory in defeat.

This is absolutely true.

Sometime the happiness that is not found in victory, we get double the happiness is defeat also.

You Can not believe it.

How will you.

Because I am saying something like this you will never believe it.

Feeling victory in defeat.

This happen when you are defeated by your loved ones.

You are defeated by arrogance.

You are defeated by boasting.

You are defeated by ignorance.

You are defeated by the envy.

You are defeated by lie.

At that time you are still winning by defeating.

I am not talking about losing to an enemy.

Suppose you are playing with children and

you intentionally kept losing to them.

Then children will jump into the joy of their victory.

Their happiness known no bound.

As if has attained all the happiness of the world.

Then seeing his happiness, you will be proud of yourself.

And you will be involved in his joy.

The feeling then, will be a great pleasure from any victory.

Because the happiness give to children is greater than every victory.

That happens is a different joy and experience.

That pleasure cannot be found anywhere else.

Once in life, be defeated once by your life partner.

You will get immense pleasure here.

You quarred with each other in all things.

Do not talk to each other. Every little thing has a quandary.

Even after being together for years, they could not understand each other.

Life has become like tracks of rail. Those who live together, but never get along.

Even after living together, they are unaware of each other.

You do not value each other's feelings.

They are trying to find each other's shortcomings.

When someone makes a mistake and you tell them.

Having children and living together is a different things

But together they are those who appreciate each other's feelings wholeheartedly.

And mind, try to know the feelings .

You should already feel what your partner thinks, what is in his heart.

Both of you are each other's life partner.

The joys and sorrows of life now belong to both of you.

Find your joy in the happiness of the family. Defeated with them and watched.

Both of you must accept defeat from each other.

A defeat of both of you will bring immense respect and happiness in life.

Love and belonging will increase in both of you.

Both of you can not buy this love and belongingness at any cost.

This is a priceless treasure.

Those who are lovingly defeated by their partner victory belongs to them only.

Changing your life partner like clothes and finding all the happiness in your life partner

is different.

Being defeated is not a bad thing. Sometimes it is good for you to be defeated by loved ones, friends, brother and sister.

Defeat doesn't mean that you give up winning. Stop expecting it.

Win, must win ! Win over your enemies, but your loved ones can never be your enemy.

Being defeated by loves ones is your true victory.

You will take victory anywhere, but the one who wins by losing is called Alexander.


© 2021 Suraj Kumar Mulu

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