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Acer Grant's Adventures to Unfold


I'm a creative writer, non-rhymer, storyteller, and author. I write free verse and narrative literary composition.


Fiction: Animated Cartoon Family Series

Main Characters:

Acer Grant
Mrs. Grant
Mr. Grant

Supporting Characters:

Ford McPrince
Riz Claudia
Professor Grande
Legion Evans
Irish Lewis


Dark Dragon


Escape to the world of adventure with Acer Grant! She was a young lady who had dreams, superpowers, and adventures to unfold... She had a photographic memory and visions that prevented her from trouble, harm, and defeat. She inherited those gifts from her family—her team. The other sixteen were yet to be unboxed. Their home became her playground where she learned to control and exercise her powers along with her siblings—Tyron and Mauriz.

Her pet Ulah had powers too, but he didn't usually show it. He only used his powers whenever he detected dark forces around.

She only had a few friends named Riz Claudia, Sab, Ford McPrince, and Rubics. They also had unique and special abilities, and that made them close to each other. They had a go-to hub situated 106 meters away from Newport City where Emma Class and West Palace vessels passed by—a place where they bonded, played, and upgraded their powers.

Ever since, Beelzebub and Dark Dragon had always tried to outdo them, but they couldn't—they couldn't get nearer than 12 meters to them because they had the blood of avatar. They were covered with invisible transparent light, individually and whenever they were bonded with their families—wherever they went, whoever they were with.

* * *

"Hey, I'm Ford McPrince. You? I'm looking for seat number 25."

"I'm Acer Grant. It's in the 6th row," she responded.

"Thanks! Should I call you Grant or Acer?"

"Grant is my surname. Call me Acer or Ace."

"I prefer to call you Acer. I don't want to command you."

Impressed with a silent laugh... "Oh, well. That's remarkable—sharp-witted and smart. By the way, here are Sab and Claudia—my friends."

"Hey, nice meeting you!" Sab reacted.

"Where will you go after our class?" Claudia asked.

"I'll be heading to the library, then to the petshop. I'll buy some stuff for Ulah," Acer replied.

"Ulah? The name of your pet?"


Acer loved to cuddle with Ulah's tiny specifics—teeny-weeny nails and mushy toes, a fluffy white fur as white as dolomite, a gradient mix of reddish and rose gold eyes and ears... She enjoyed feeding him with leafy vegetables, and he was always in the unbothered mode of munching them all like a gooey caramel layered in thick wafer snack.

"Are you free on Saturday? Sab and I were thinking to visit the newest resto near the 9th district."

"No, sorry. I'll be finishing the 18th chapter of my book. Can you resched it on next week?"

"All right," Sab and Claudia agree.

*2nd week of the 3rd month*

"Hey, what are you playing?" Rubics asked.

"Plants vs. Zombies," Acer replied.

"What's the logic behind that game? I mean, why plants and not humans?"

"I think the developer of this associated human growth to plants—since plants grow, and zombies don't."

"Guys, I bought some foods. Let's snack on!" Tyron told.

"My fave!!! Thanks, Tyron," Sab responded.

"Where's Claudia?"

"She's on her way, Sab."

*A second later*

"I'm finally here!" Claudia came.

* * *

"Claudia, you're like a writing prompt!" Acer noticed.

"What do you mean?"

"You give me something to write for," Acer meant.

"Like what?"

"You just added a contribution to my 94th chapter without you knowing it." *chuckles*

"You're weird as ever, Acer."

"I know."

* * *

"Mi, I'm home!" Acer greeted.

"You're here! Change your clothes, and feed yourself with this orangish pastry," her mom said.

"Yum!" she drooled.

"Hey, my brother... What episode are you watching?" Acer asked.

"Episode 46," he answered.

"Cool, as cool as the ice that you put in my closet," she discovered.

"How did you know? You've not yet gone upstairs."

"Thanks to my 7th superpower."

"That's supposedly a prank," Tyron laughed.

"You can't fool me, sib. Where's Mauriz?"

"She's exercising her newest discovered prowess," he informed.

"Woah! How about our captain?"

"He's fixing some glitch in the chimney."

"All is well, then."

* * *

Beelzebub and Dark Dragon tried to ruin their day by trying to trespass.

"Beelzebub, do you know the ground your feet are stepping on? Look at them; they're about to stumble. The magnetic force around the kingdom is strong. Your genetic type won't endure this. You don't have a levitating power or wings in the place where you supposed to have," Acer cohered, "so expect that this will be a stumbling hour for you unless you have nothing against our family. Otherwise, be swift to hide!"

Avatars had a characteristic that resembled a pulsar, a highly magnetized neutron star in the solar system.

"I don't care what you're wording about. Anyway, I didn't understand. My goal is to block your luminosity and ultra forces," Beelzebub said.

Beelzebub released dark powers and negative energies.

"Listen, according to our professor and as stated in the books of physics and astronomy, you're supposed to be in the 77th dimension, not in the 88th—not here, so stop this nonsense," Tyron cleared.

Dark Dragon tossed blinding and deafening light and sound waves toward them.

"You're using the wrong equation and formulae. You're equating an unidentifiable theorem in lieu of a square league. This results for the frequency of your sound to be held at 90 degrees instead of 40. You have it sequenced in cardinal instead of ordinal. With that, you're about to meet your 86,647th defeat," Mauriz explained.

"We don't have time for your talks," Dark Dragon addressed.

"Circa 1300, decades and centuries ago, you were already defeated. You are nothing but an aimless, wandering specie. Your motives and actions have no effect in the parallel, reverse, and alternate universe. It's clear to see that you don't know a single thing about this, because if you know these things, you won't waste your time and energy," Acer discussed.

"Yes, Beelzebub and I may be ignorant to such, but we know our stance—and that is to fight against you," Dark Dragon orated.

* * *

Beelzebub and Dark Dragon could feel tireness during the combat, but they had no idea how to put an end to it. They didn't know when to rest and relax. This is what made them easier to outmatch.

An invisible tiara was worn on the head of goddesses, while a badge was attached on the garment of male avatars whenever they won a battle against Beelzebub and Dark Dragon's schemes as a symbol of accolade and honor. This was obviously what happened next, as always. The sum of wins was always greater than the contrariwise.

Her sovereign, Mr. Grant, together with their children fought another good fight. After the victory, they framed themselves in a photograph to mark the day of milestone and triumph.

* * *

"Acer, you just aced the test! Congrats! You perfected our midterm exam in Math!" Almish exclaimed.

"I wasn't actually that good. I just gave my best on that part. I think all of us can. My sister Mauriz taught me some stuff, that's why."

"Nicest!" Sab inserted.

"You're always on a superlative degree," Acer giggled.

"We are."

"Superheroes are," Ford McPrince giggled a little louder.

* * *

"How will our set-up be? You, Rubics, where will you unleash your 4th power?" Professor Grande asked.

"It works better on the land, Professor."

"My 9th power is at its best 285 feet below the sea level, Sir," Sab worded.

"Who will execute in air? Make sure that she or he can also deal with water by freezing the ocean waves, and that she as well can manage to unconsciously cut the unnecessary atmospheric threads in the outer space's boundless three-dimensional extent while strengthening the orbs' axis and orbit."

"Acer can," Almish suggested.

"Alright, if that is so. Let's call it a day. Class is dismissed."

* * *

From walk on water,
to walk on air,
to walk in space...

I'm traversing,
and bright-eyed;
atmosphere, wintry;
the stars, stunned;
zero gravity, light.

Sun, centered.
Sunray's crystallized
Saturn's ring;
breath, held;
Earth, home...
where I had my first
where I first
learned how to walk.

12th Article: Walk In Space, Scrolls and Chapters

"Why did you suggest me?"

"Several times, I had witnessed how you were lightly hitting the ground. You were not hitting it hard. No friction greater than 1% spectrum was present. How do you maintain your levitation skill inland and on the outer space's surface?"

"I just recently discovered that strength... It was my 5th power. To answer your question, I maintain it by not forgetting the place where I learned the toddler's toddle—the basics, and by activating the good energies passed on to me by the ones who raised me—the gentle side and spirits of their upbringing detailed in my heroine genes, in my DNA."

Toddler's toddle represented humility—feet on the ground... that once in our life, we needed the guide of someone who taught us those baby steps.

* * *

"Who can still remember the meaning of 'unconsciously cutting unnecessary threads' from our previous discussion?"


"Yes, Legion Evans?"

"That means, the tightening of threads like how ropes are released and tied around the outer elements."

"Sorry, we're not on the same page. Anyone?"

*Acer raises a hand.*

"Yes, Acer Grant?"

"Unconsciously cutting unnecessary threads means, being automatically prevented from unnecessary connections," Acer recited.

"Firm-as-sure tone of voice... That's exactly correct!"

*The bell rings.*


(To be continued)