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Aqua: Mermaids Are a Longer a Myth

Sudha madhuri dash is a published author of many novels. Along with photography she loves horse riding and practices odissi dance.


Reality and fiction are two sides of the same coin. The toss makes the difference. The segregation between reality and fiction is but a fine line that often merges to create fables, folktales and mysteries. Seeing is reality, believing is the truth and disbelief makes it all a fiction. Africa has always been thought of, as the cradle of life and evolution. The scientists of the modern times and those of the ancient past agreed upon one common fact that the transition of the apes into the modern day bipedal man occurred in these vast and fertile plains of Africa, where food was in abundance and the natural predators plentiful. The ancient apes learnt very quickly how to escape and survive the jaws of death that scoured these plains for an easy meal. One rule reigned supreme ‘run and hide, to live another day.’ How did tree dwelling monkeys evolve into man? This is a well-versed theory known to most of us, but what we do not know is that there are some strange anomalies that are part of this theory, which until now have been held back by well-known scientists. Why did they do so? Were they threatened to hide the truth that existed or still in existence? Three to four million years ago, as the evidences shows, our ancestors were not exactly hunters. Shards of fossilised bones bear signs of struggle against large predators. Clumsy on our feet, we were an easy source of food for the larger carnivores like the giant Sabre tooth tigers and the larger Dire wolves. ‘We’ the ‘food’ became hunters much, much later. Therefore, the popular belief was that man evolved from apes and that was that...quite straight and simple.

Much in contradiction to this popular belief, there are scientists like Jade Bowers who in my novel have dared to think way beyond popular beliefs of evolution. They found fresh new evidence that pointed towards the unthinkable. The life of our ancestors began in water in the form of singled-celled organisms and the evolution kept up a trendy pace and soon caught up with the rest of the happenings in the other solar systems...what happened had to happen, for evolution is like a turbulent river that has to flow, change form, shape and size. ‘Africa’ the cradle of life saw it all; about 15 to 20 million years ago at the time of the great rift when the volcanoes spewed ash and hot molten lava, the land became a burning inferno. The animals fled for their lives. There also had existed an ape like creature. It had an upright gait, almost a human like face but its body was covered with a layer of fur...still not yet human, I should say. To escape the predators, the animals learnt how to tread the sea and spent most of their time on the shore, looking for food. As the molten earth crackled further, they fled further into the sea, leaving land behind. A mineral rich food led to the development of a sharp brain; they learnt to mutter and mumble...some kind of an evolving language. They were now spending most of their time in water...feeding, breeding and fighting to establish territory. The earth cooled down...the plains became a sun-kissed abundance of food again. Here, evolution took an upper hand all over again. Some left the water and came onto dry land; the perils faced in the sea had taught them how to fight and protect themselves. They were now no longer food for others...they were now the hunters-from these, originated the modern apes and man. However, the sea was not empty, as it was still home to those who had chosen to stay behind. What happened to them? Where did they go? What strange turn did evolution take? One often wonders. The ancient humans started living in big groups of related and unrelated members. From the caves, they built villages and then kingdoms...the humans have come a long, long way. They forgot all about their cousins, those who had chosen the alternate way of life. They too developed and evolved into intelligent beings. Just as humans reigned supreme upon land, they were the kings and the queens of the seas and the oceans. The humans learnt to befriend animals for their own use, i.e. hunting and in war. Their cousins too befriended the dolphins and the whales that would hunt with them and help them in war. They made their home along the great line of caves around the seas and the oceans. As humans became stronger in strength and number, they learnt to ride and harness nature’s bounty. They wanted more and more land for themselves. This greed, led them to travel across the vast land of ours in search of the ‘MORE’. It did not take the humans and their greedy ways much time to venture into the sea. This thirst for more led them into a direct confrontation with other equally intelligent beings. We, with our temperament that is worse than the animals of this planet, started singling them out and killing them. Men, women and children-none were spared. They went into deeper depths where the humans could no longer reach them. They left their homes on the seashores behind them, never to return. The primitive humans had not yet developed the technologies as of today, hence could not follow them into those great depths and soon forgot all about them. Thus, they came to exist only in our fairy tales and bedtime stories. Paintings, missing photos and fables have now become a part of our folklore. During their fishing expeditions, the sailors often encountered them and the evidences of their existence. Embedded in their catch of fish and sharks, were harpoons made of bones with delicate carvings. These were strong and deadly in their intention. Encounters were many but all these were written off as a drunken sailor’s tale. They have learnt from their experience to be weary of the humans and their evil intentions. Hence, they came as quickly as the mist and faded even before we could come to terms with what we have seen or experienced. The humans evolved more and more, leaving the others far behind. In the name of advancement, we show no hesitation in taking the life of another. The modern humans have equally matched with the machines of modern times; the beings of the blue were no match for us. We eventually learnt to map the depths of the sea with our sonar radars. Submarines measured the length and breadth of the vast oceans. Nothing remained hidden anymore. We came to know about their existence long back but kept it hidden from the world...why, may I ask?

Again, events have come to a full circle; our interference is destroying a precious species that is not only related to us but also as intelligent. Are we not invading their space, and destroying their peace and way of life AGAIN...who has given us that right? The US Navy and the others, who are like them, started their tests at sea. First, there were the nuclear warheads and then of course the sonar booms...the naval tests left carnage in the paths of their passing. The ocean and its shores became a vast graveyard for marine animals and those species. They grew more afraid, for their very existence was now under a new threat. This massacre led to a great hue and cry among the scientists; the Navy brushed aside all allegations-after all, it is as strong as the nation it belongs to. The massacre continued and continues even today. One wise person said that the Vatican always knew of their existence but would not owe up as that was not rationale and against the beliefs of the ‘normal’. Is denying other intelligent beings their existence normal? Invading their space and killing them-is that what we call humane? My friends, you decide for yourself. Our cousins, with whom we share the same DNA, have to fight for their own existence and survival on a planet that is as much theirs as it is ours. Powerful countries with many interests in the sea and the oceans have to cease their operations and that would mean a heavy toll on their economy and warring abilities. The human beings have yet to realise the value of this beautiful planet that they live on...God gave a wonderful toy in the hands of a small child who is hell-bent upon destroying it. Us and them-both have always shared a common was we who broke that code of civility and respect.

A German pathologist by the name of Max Westenhofer first proposed the aquatic ape theory in 1942. The aquatic ape hypothesis is about human evolution, which leads us to believe that the ancestors of modern man spent a period in their lives adapting to a semi-aquatic existence. According to him, bipedalism in many Simian species that tread shallow water in search of food; this is seen as a yardstick to the origin of human bipedalism. Even to this day, monkeys can be seen treading upon shallow water in an upright position.

If we examine the facts, we shall find that his hypothesis holds a vast thread of truth that of course, many refuse to see. Newborn human babies can float and they can instinctively hold their breath when left in water. They are the only ones among apes who have an insulating layer of fat under their skin. Human babies tend to become plump with stored fat in the initial years of life. We have ruminant webs between our fingers and can hold our breath for longer periods under water, in comparison to the other warm-blooded mammals. The presence of hymen in human females...what function did it have? Is it the ruminant of a functional organ? Did it protect the vagina from foreign objects? Are these proofs not enough to show our connection with a semi aquatic existence? In addition, there is the existence of something that is beyond belief. Science has its own strange anomalies and aberrations, which often force us to stray from the beaten path of thought and belief. Many well-known thinkers and scientists, who have been bold enough to catch these stray strands, have put forth their thoughts and theories that force us to think otherwise. Egypt...the land of sun, sand and the magnificent pyramids, the majestic Sphinx and the captivating Cleopatra, are still clouded with the shroud of mystery. Mysteries remain but proofs speak otherwise drawing our attention to that which may have existed and is still in existence...watching us and extremely wary of our intentions.

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