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A.D.D Is Such A Bitch
Trains Of Thought Always Glitch
Always Derailed From The Tracks
Cargo Spills And The Death Toll Stacks
Long Convos Never Seen Through
Even When The Point Is Due
Everything And Nothing Is How It Goes
In Every Direction It Just Flows
It Spills From My Mind With No Controls
Put A Pin In It Topics Could Fill Some Scrolls
A Thousand Thoughts All Over The Place
They Overlap Then Start To Race
And Jumble Into One Big Mess
The Confusion Is Hell If You Cant Guess
A Lot Like The Wind It Just Whirls
Oh Hey Look, There's A Buch Of Squirrels...
There I Go Again, My Bad, What Was I Saying?
Case In Point, The Situation Is Dismaying

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Alicia Joy on November 08, 2020:


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