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ABC Challenge - Know More About Pamela

I'm interested in social issues, relationships, problems of daily living, jobs, exercise, poems and fiction, plus safer living conditions.

Author's photo - My granddaughter and I

Author's photo - My granddaughter and I

ABC For Me Challenge

The ABC of me Challenge was posted by Rick Lewis on Medium. Rick encouraged me to take the challenge, and I agreed.

I thought it would be fun to challenge my Hubpage friends to the same challenge. The idea is to tell everyone about yourself. Use the ABCs, so it is simple, and we will all enjoy reading your response to the challenge. You write something about yourself by each letter.


A ~ Always striving to improve my skills.

B ~ Beauty is something I see in flowers, birds and poetry.

C ~ Cute kids are a weakness - I always give in.

D ~ Deadlines are something I hate. My timeframe works better for me.

E ~ Energy sags by the end of the day.

F ~ Famous I will never be, but I just want to be little old me.

G ~ Gramma I am of four adorable grandkids.

H ~ Have to write every day as I have so much to say.

I ~ Ideally, I am always surrounded by loving people.

J ~ Jumping at the chance to just finish my ABCs.

K ~ Keeping all my ducks in a row is a fulltime job.

L ~ Like to be organized, but sometimes I fail.

M ~ Money doesn’t grow on trees, unfortunately for me.

N ~ Never thought I would fail on Hubpages or Medium.

O ~ Online way too many hours each day.

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P~ Put all my effort in to write an article people will like.

Q ~ Quitter I am not, so I’m all in.

R ~ Reading I have always done since I was a kid.

S ~ Selecting a topic to write about is always a tricky situation.

T ~ Typing makes my arthritic fingers ache.

U ~ Understanding the people I love is important to me.

V ~ Vaguely trying to understand the Hubpage advertising.

W ~ Waiting to see what comes next. Life is full of surprises.

X ~ Xero desire to clean the house,

Y ~ Yelling loud for sweet success.

Z ~ Zeroing in to find that great success!



This challenge has been fun, and it was not as difficult as I thought. Of course, each person does it a bit differently.

I encourage all of you who read my response to take up the ABC about me Challenge. Check out Rick’s entertaining response on Medium.

I think you have learned enough about me for now, especially if you have already known me for a while.

I am a peaceful, and a happy person these days.

I appreciate each of you so much for reading this article.

Toby Keith - I Wanna Talk About Me

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