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Adrenaline... Rush

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Porcupines plush.. stuck, in a, crutches clutch.. cackles, kluck, shush...

cock slice's silence, is violent, mind sent, never, remembered, fictional fabled fuss,

story's glory, becoming, boring, Gordy says gory, head covered in, purple pulsing pus,

puss, had enough??

squeeze it.. squeeze it... mirrored fingers, you push to trust..

bust, bust, bust...

pieces see, reflection's of trees, washing away.. drain, funnels rust,

don't rush,

read on beyond, (007) James Bond, kinda fond of, shave ice, over slush..

soups mush,

P split and said f_k this sh!t.. Q who?? R Sssaid ruff...

so T went 2 P, see, listen, 'did you need to talk to me?? ... alphabet's tough...

stale bread crust,


chomp, launched, forward, no words, heard, ... lunch..


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supper's, simpler, clock's, click, clunk..

cuckoo sees you, shovels, been, trunked...

meditation, stationed, mobile, mental, nuts, feed, hungry, Monk's..


good to know now, kapow... bruh....

bro, woah,

river's, flow..

to the ocean as they go.. ripples known, blow holes below, lurking, silently, searching, sonar, show's,

A, uh, darkness, glows..

what is shown...

carbon clones, cloak, puffed smoke, squid strokes, different strokes, well folks.. ...the color is brown..

ink stink reeks, when reefs, run out, (of) nouns...

wave's pound..

shell, captured, sure, sounds..

(all went) what's, around...

360, mountains, mound,

sky surrounds,

space, is, currently, out of bounds..

boundless makes sense.. endless trail, lost never found..

up is down...

down is up, gravity's, ground..

darkness, lit, crown...

jewel's, fool.. fake, frowns..

smiles, file, circus', curious, clowns..

trapeze, sneeze.. geez, allergies, need, nanny's medicine indeed.. folk, remedies... way, is, wound,

welp.. I'm lost... directions, seem, indeed, profound...

out is okay, stray, anyway, let, everyday, compound,

complex', erect.. life, set's, sail.. spellbound...

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