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A Writer Under a Tree

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A Middle aged man surrounds by people

A Writer under a Tree

An old British building stands in kept silent

For long, even though the English departed,

The Colonial authority stood in stone silence of

Resemblance on red constructions

It’s known to subjects well and good,

Tahalisdar Jamana, Zilla Collector Darbhar, remained a token of

Pre Independence…

Any documentation appliances...

Applications of cast, Income, Residential

Birth and Death; certificates for authentication by Tahasildar

Academic year beginning needier of such things

Rushed to Mandal Office premises,

Students, of various admissions, peasants, and civilians waited

Fill in applications, Here a man was born under a tree.

He who, along with big shopper full of papers,

Renders his skill of writing with old fashioned ink pen,

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Papers turned on continuously his old cursive writing

Partially legible to viewers and remain not.

His pen dances like a peacock on surface of paper

Ends with profound beautiful handwriting in pride- After he did,

Semi educated man appeared at elegant look of proud

At the point, struck by his big size spectacles on slope

Of oily nose. Upper middle aged man paving on torn

Country mat adjusting his thin body for some time, he resumed

Writing again…. Uneducated poor attend his open air house

A woman carrying a babe, “ Yanno, Nannu pampiyavem?” –

(Brother, Have not you sent me away yet?)

Old peasants with sigh sitting next to him,

For filling in applications…

Trees are natural tents, cool shading in hot summer with

Heat air dominated his sweating body. Fill in applications is

Turned a redundant profession for someone,

Writing fills his appetite stomach and his children

Fate curves Life – Illiteracy can give work for someone like

Writer under a tree premise of British Jamanas in India since the English left for England.

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