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Broken Dream Of A Patriotic Mother

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Writing is my passion and continuing from 2013 to date on various platforms. I completed my M.Sc. in 1996 in Applied Physics & Electronics.

The Symbol Of Dignity Of The Nations Of The World


The time was 21st February 1952. The procession mainly organized by the university students, and the general people gave full-fledged support to establish Bengali as the mother language of East Pakistan (current Bangladesh). Too many lives had to sacrifice as the ruling government (Pakistani authority) went out for open fire but failed to become successful at last. To uphold the dignity of the mother language, no nation in the world yet establish an instance of what Bangladeshi people did. But, some parents become frustrated despite achieving this significant achievement about their beloved child or children.

The Promise of Ekush

A deep winter night. Rebecca was reading a book while lying in bed. Nowadays, sound sleep is rarely experienced. So, like any other night, she still has a book in her hand. At one point she noticed that she was not reading anything. Just as Rebecca got out of bed, her eyes fell on her calendar. Today, on the night of the 21st, one procession after another will go after the Shaheed Minar. Will Rebecca go there today? Asking the question herself, she realized that she was feeling an urge in her mind to go there. She has been visiting the Shaheed Minar for several years. Of course, she didn’t go last year. She doesn't want to recall the reason at the moment. Yet why is it gradually making her deeply obsessed? Some more scenes with her floated on the screen of his mind one by one. At one point she saw a newly married young doctor with his wife went together to participate in the war. After a few months, they faithfully served the war-wounded freedom fighters and at the end of the war, Rebecca and Sabbir returned to the country with high hopes. They came and saw that both family members had been killed for going to war. Along with that, their houses were also burnt down. Standing in front of the rubble, Rebecca found herself helpless. At one point he looked at Sabbir. She saw in Sabbir's eyes a strong conviction to live in a fresh manner. With this conviction in mind, they rented a house. He started the family. Sabbir started serving the country in a new way. He used to go to the villages to provide health care to the people when they were helpless in the face of food and shelter problems. In this crime, the anti-independence forces sent Sabbir home overnight just five months later. Shot and killed at close range. Sabbir's return was delayed that night. Rebecca was passing the time in extreme anxiety. At the sound of the shots, she was startled by an unknown fear. She immediately left the house with a torch in her hand. After a while, the eyes of Rebecca was caught by Sabibar's dead bloody body ........

Next, life started to pass by at its own pace. She moved to Dhaka with one of her teacher classmates, Runa. With her help, she got a job in his pool. Rebecca was then a few months pregnant. That's why her girlfriend didn't let her take a separate house at all. One day a son was born there. Rebecca named him Orc. In the hope that one day the darkness of his life would be erased, he named the boy Orc or Sun. A few months later, Rebecca rented a house with a colleague. Then she found the joy of surviving in making the boy human. Gradually Orc grew up one day. Once he passed the school examination with great success and went to college. After passing there successfully, he was admitted to the English department of the university. Six months later, the lifestyle of Orc began to change suddenly. The change is such that, Rebecca can't hold anything. The disappointment was grabbing the thought of Rebecca. She started seeking a way to get the boy back on track. In many ways, she tried to create change in her only son's mind to follow the proper track but nothing was changed. She abused him, but no change was observed within Orc. The day she finally found the weapon in the boy's pocket/waist, she locked Orc in his sleep, and went to the Saeja police station. The police arrived within a few minutes. Then, they took Orc to the police station with weapons. After sending Orc for correction, Rebecca was relieved with the hope that within few days, Orc would be corrected and would live a life based on ethics. She was in a dream that maybe Orc would get better this time. But just seven days later, one afternoon, Orc returned home.

Rebecca was shocked to see him. She immediately asked: "How did you get rid of police custody?"

Orc laughed and replied to his mother, "Mother, you can't take me back. As soon as we get the news, our Godfather sent someone to do that ........... "

- Does that mean you will still be on this path?

- What else did you say? I lost my father before I was born to hold on to an emotion. Then within these four walls, you somehow raised me. Is it life mom?

There are many more people in this country who are in more trouble than this. I don’t want that to be much better than that.

- There is a lot of time for you, mother said.

- Time? You're making me laugh, mother. After passing, you may not get the job easily. Even then the struggle for survival will continue. That's why ..........

- Will you pick the immoral life for that?. Have you forgotten that your father was a freedom fighter? Mother of yours .......

-Mother, I have heard all that. It doesn't feel good to hear that anymore. That war gave me nothing; I don't like listening to him so much.

- Shouldn't you keep your respect for the liberation war? If that fight wouldn't happen, your existence would not happen.

- Maybe it would be best. Surviving and dying in this way is meaningless mother, Orc said.

- Orc you better think well. After that, tell me, will you not choose the right path now?

- Mother, I think your ideology is a weakness. I think in many cases it has to be snatched away to get rid of some deprivation. I have chosen that path.

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- Can't you understand that the path of yours belongs to injustice, crime, and similar things?

- Maybe so. Yet there is no glory in surviving in this way.

-Glory! That does mean you don't know the insight of it, Orc.

- I know, you mean glory means the glory of the liberation war, the glory of the language movement. But mother, these days it seems to me that this is a story of old times, these things are meaningless today.

- What are you talking about?

- Yes mother. This is my belief.

- Then you will follow your firm-decided path, right?

- Yes, mother.

- Well, then go out of the house and do whatever you want. I don't have the desire to see your face further.

- Mother, but you will be very lonely.

- I was alone with you for many years. It doesn't seem respectful to me that, derailed son like you would be concerned about me. You go now.

- Pretty much. After saying that, Orc left the room and again in a moment came back and said, mom, you think again. It's painful for me to leave you like that.

- I'm thinking, your life is the biggest failure of my life. I can no longer bear the burden of such a great failure.

- Well, I'm leaving.

Orc never came back. He also did not try to find out any news of her. At a point, the dream of Rebecca broke and she came back to the present, and observed, it's the time of prayer. Rebecca closes the door of the room.

While going through the scooter, she repeatedly thinking, she had a deep hope that after being grown-up awareness of Orc would be developed within the consciousness of Orc about his responsibility to his motherland, and that was the reason to take him to the Shahid Minar every year. But, the ill-luck of Rebecca didn't make her hope in reality. In many ways, she tried her level best to make Orc an ideal citizen. Yet why did he fail in this way? Who is responsible for this? At one point she reached the Shaheed Minar. Slowly she moved forward. After going some distance, she stopped and stood. A bloody body caught her eyes! From whose body blood is still flowing down the stairs. At one point she reached the Shaheed Minar. Slowly she moved forward. I do not know which mother is suffering from internal bleeding today! She muttered the word and walked towards the bloody young man's body. As she approached, she cried out unknowingly. Who is he looking at? This bloody young man is her only child Orc. She trembled with her hand on that cold frozen body. Tears welled up in her eyes. Once she saw a large letter written very close to Orc's body. It reads, "Beware, terrorists, beware. If anyone has come to this procession today, beware. Today's killings have taken place with the promise of freeing Bangladesh from terrorism ...........".

After a while, the consciousness of Rebecca got back and she heard the sound of the procession coming forward. Se stood up and thought that sitting like this meant identifying herself as a relative of the terrorists. Once, her mind was burdened with the guilt of a crime. Yet why can't she go? The sting of conscience? Or blood? She kept her son away for so many months. His death came today and in a moment, all the gaps between mother and son vanished to get them both closer. Therefore, as a mother, she cannot leave her child like that. She has to wait for a while to do her last thing. That's why she moved away at a distance and stared at her son's dead body with blurry but cautious eyes. The procession was gradually coming closer. The sound of the song is floating- "in my brother's blood"......

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