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A Second Chance in My Life

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A dream comes true

Today is the best day of my life. The hobbies which have been left behind with the passage of time, today they have started settling on my heart and mind. Since we begin to understand something in our life. Since then, the sequence of learning something new starts. Every happiness and sorrow given by that god gives you something to learn. The words and circumstances of my snow were frozen. She is melting today. If we get to learn fighting in life through sorrows, then with the help of raw incense of happiness, flowers of new desires will blossom in life. I just drifted in the flow of time. When left with many, I got some new companions, but my own dreams were left behind on life. Even today, I still call myself in my eyes and start playing with them. But most covertly. Today I am daring to put my thoughts in front of you in the form of words

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