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A reflection of William Shakespeare’s "Tragedy of Othello"

Tragedy of Othello: Book Cover

Tragedy of Othello: Book Cover

Personally, I find William Shakespeare’s Tragedy of Othelo a truly inspiring book. The book recounts the strengths and pitfalls of a character Othelo which actually portrays the real life experience of any normal human being. Furthermore, Shakesphere takes readers through diverse aspects of life including career, family, marriage, social life, economic sphere and even religious aspects. What is occurring in this book and particular in life of Othelo is something relatable to most people. The challenges and opportunities encountered are a portrayal of normal life expectations.

I like this book because it reminds us of what we go through in life. I like the character Othelo because he combines both weaknesses and greatness. This reminds us of human nature whereby; one has both strengths and weaknesses. It is not possible to find a person; however great he could be who is flawless. Moreover, the character instill sense that any person; irrespective of the social/economic background can rise to become someone as long as he or she has to will and determination. Apparently, Othello comes from Africa, a continent that is usually looked down by its western counterparts. However, he goes on to become a great figure in Venice, in fact securing the post of an army general due to his hard work and excellence on war matters. This certainly makes him a role model on success.

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