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A Reason for Everything in the World


We asked for a reason for all the world

A reason for the rain and the sunshine

A reason for the overflow and scarcity.

A reason for famine and hunger in the world.

A reasons for balance and unbalance's life.

A reason for smile, laughter, and tears.


A reason why on earth people seek food

While in some people seeks pleasure first.

Where people died of hunger and scarcity.

Where in the world people died of overdoses

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In some places, people killed each other out of anger.

In some places, people died for their love.


Lord, we asked not for the reason and solution,

There are no solution for the human being

The fate of humanity is still a riddle of game.

No one care and nobody looks for the answer

Humanity on perplexed as it stood idle

But lord we asked for a balance in humanity.



Johly Beichhualai (author) from Mizoram on December 14, 2013:

Word55. thanks for your comment. I was really touched by poverty that is killing many in under developed countries. I believed deeply there is God and is helping them through kind donors.I too believe that the world should be careful of food waste that could save many life.Thanks

Al Wordlaw from Chicago on December 14, 2013:

Huge article for making us more aware of what's going on in the world . Have you prayed to God and asked Him that question, Where are You God? That is a question for Him only and I'm sure He will answer you. I'm sure that many people like myself have contributed to helping the hungry. We can only hope and pray that the help is going directly toward places where it is needed. May people continue to donate and contribute

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