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A poor fishing boy

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That hand was not unnecessarily cold. The earth was not in a state of laughter as the burden on it was about to rise. The joy of victory had increased the speed of the angry monster Seti. Only the liquid in the child's eyes was shining with the help of light.

Nerko River and. The sand is flying from house to house. From time to time the wind speed is so high that Seti also rises and reaches some distance. Everything around is trembling. Due to the speed of the wind, the people of Nadiner Varapipal are shaking their leaves. But it is not falling. Spring has not just begun. The leaves of the standing tree were once again marked and told to survive the harsh winter. When I see it shaking the leaves of the people, it seems for a moment that the laws of nature are incomplete. Why is there no wind in winter? When spring arrives, buds appear on the trees, so why did this morning's wind in Chaitra leave these shells? What injustice?

When Seti was not untouched by the wind, a small child sitting on a rock in the middle of the river was throwing a net. No matter how fierce the wind may be, no matter how cruel it may be, and no matter how great the ego may be, it will not be able to swallow the tree, the white, the sand, but the wrath of this wind will not be able to melt one percent of that child.

The rabbi has been able to join hands with the West Coast to bid farewell to the earth. When the brain is focused on this rigid form of air, it does not notice the defeated form of the sun. That child is blackened by the bait particles sitting on the dugga, for such a person the edge of the seti is only to connect the hands and mouth. How much did Seti manage to alleviate the pain, how much does she not? She left the pain she had brought from the Himalayas for the sake of the child. In the month of Pohor, when her father was sitting on the same rock and wearing aokura, Seti rejoiced and took her father with her. Today, the boy is sitting on the same stone with a net. "Your father was swept away by Seti while fishing in the same rock. You will also be swept away by Seti. There is no such thing as a man."

Where is his mind When the strong wind blows and in the evening the ghost stays fishing in Seti. From time to time he also wants to be healed with the help of air. And to live a full life. But who will fulfill the excuse? Seti is not on his side, Ravi is not on his side and Pawan is not on his side either. The truth is very bitter

In the middle of the night, when Ravi was helpless, the boy pulled the net in the mud. There were some small fish who put the fish in their bags and swam in the river. Since then, the watch's thick hand may have changed five times in the Damauli market. But there is nothing but gray in the ball. The boy was not frightened by the rudeness of the wind, but when Ravi accepted defeat and disappeared from the horizon and gradually covered the earth with someone's blanket, the boy was scared. Why not On the one hand, there is no expected fish in the bait and on the other hand, once the fish is gathered there, it has to be sold. It's getting dark without collecting fish, are you going to sell red? And if the money is saved, the sick mother should go to the doctor for treatment. You should buy medicine from it and feed it to your mother. More than your height

The responsibility of her arrival has made the child happy.

My mother has been sick for six days. Ordinary herbs did not touch much. It was okay to waste the little money I had saved. The doctor has no money to buy medicine. Even though she is wearing a sari, she has no money for fishing. That is why he came to Seti to fish even when he was young. There is no need to come to Seti and do penance like Shiva. The so-called white man does such things. He whose body is covered with dirt is washed.

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It was not difficult to escape and reach Damauli - it was difficult to go there and sell fish. Selling at a good price was like chewing a piece of iron. There was no one at home to buy his fish. There was more blackness on his face than the blackness of the night.

Someone appeared to buy her a small fish, finally breaking the bond of compulsion that had arisen. He sold the fish at a very low price and returned to the small hut with the money in his pocket. With a great desire, he can easily cross the speed of Vishnu's Sudarshan Chakra.

The boy hurried to the small hut and shouted, "Mom!" Mother couldn't get up and move enough light because the light of the burning tuki was going out by itself. With the help of the same bright light, he tried to raise his hand to take his mother to the hospital. Mother's hand was very cold.

That hand was not unnecessarily cold. The earth was not in a state of ecstasy when it realized that it was burdening itself. The speed of the floating monster Seti was increased by the joy of the Victors. The lonely child was shining in his eyes with the help of light rather than liquid.



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