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A planet like earth

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Another Earth

Could there be another planet like Earth? Can we get there, read this story and get some distance from the real world.

It was 2202 AD. Large space projects were being implemented. Work was already underway to send a manned spacecraft to Jupiter. Hundreds of astronauts were trained to travel in a "printer" spacecraft. They were ordered to bring a small portion of everything found on Jupiter. The International Astronomical Union was optimistic about astronauts. The organization was convinced that objects collected from Jupiter would be able to extract fine metal particles and describe a metal object hitting the Earth.

After a certain time interval, the printer successfully landed on the mountain of Jupiter. Soon the astronauts began to collect objects. Unfortunately, the area where their vehicle landed was a rock, many kilometers long. So they decided to use some small spacecraft in the printer's emergency room. These small spacecraft can be used to travel around Jupiter. There were five astronauts in a small spaceship. Named Eagle, the spacecraft had John, Susan, Tom, Kalpana and Nelson. They went in the same direction to visit the northern region. Their strategy was successfully implemented and they were able to collect pieces of rock of various natures. Suddenly a high mountain appeared in front of them. Tom flew the Eagle at an altitude of 250,000 meters. When he saw her praying like this, his heart began to tremble. There was another spacecraft on the same 20,000 meter hill. Absolutely confused, curious and frightened, Tom and his friends got off the eagle at a certain distance from that strange vehicle. They reached an agreement. Jon, Nelson and Kalpana took their laser guns and headed for the strange vehicle, while Tom and Susan rescued the eagle. A group of three searched the outside of the vehicle but found no significant items. They entered the car through the entrance. There were countless computer-like devices and screens. It had six skulls and their group was examining the main skull. Nelson saw a shining object in the shape of a car gear and could not stop his curiosity and pushed the object to the left. Suddenly they realized they were going from above. Kalpana ran to the windshield and looked out the window, and at that moment she was frightened to see Jupiter moving. Frightened and terrified, everyone started running around. When they tried to open the entrance, it was closed. It was hard for them to believe that their 'eagle' was getting smaller than the ant and that they were farther away from Jupiter.

In a few moments, the spacecraft had moved away from the Earth's solar system. All three were on the verge of death. It seemed that they were going to meet Yamaraj. They closed their eyes and thanked God for the happy life they have had so far and wished the printer success. They were sitting in a corner, trembling with fear, waiting for death. As time passed, the vehicle was moving towards its fixed destination. After crossing two solar systems, the spacecraft landed in its place on a third solar system planet. Nelson got up first. When he found himself alive after a deep sleep, he was overjoyed. Imagination and

He scolded John. They started walking again. They shine like before

Saw things like car gear. Tom said, "Friends, don't make the mistake of touching it. I don't know what kind of disaster will come again." Kalpana pushed Tom away and pulled the gear to the right. Suddenly, a strange sound began to come. But they could not feel anything. Everyone was scared again. John and Nelson looked at him angrily and Kalpana got scared. But suddenly the door opened and the sun's rays began to kiss her face. Hope was planted in their hearts. Kalpana gritted her teeth and said, "I'm always fine."

When they came out of the door, they could not believe what they saw. There was earth, there were rocks, there were rivers, there were clouds and most importantly there was the sun god sitting in heaven. The trees were swaying in the wind, the birds were swaying. Seeing all this, John wanted to take his space suit. He left his place and drowned in the desire for fresh air. Kalpana and Jon were also released. Surprising but true, they have come to the second earth. They still couldn't believe it. Kalpana tied her hair and said to John, "Pinch me." John pinched the meat in Kalpana's hand. "Aiya meri ni ba!" Jon and Nelson laughed as they imagined.

Now the three of them started dancing happily like crazy. They drank water from a nearby river and picked fruit from the trees. After walking for about an hour, they saw some human skeletons on the ground in front of them. They speculated that the spacecraft sent to Jupiter by the people of this planet, which was attacked by a comet on a planet like Earth, must have escaped from their control. They had already returned to the car.

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The sun was a yellowish red orange on the horizon. They were checking the spacecraft with full vigilance to find any necessary signs. But the hand felt empty. Nelson was inside the main skull again. The crisis he caused was a great one. As he stepped out of the main skull (room / box), his foot hit the gear-like object again. Suddenly the door closed and the spacecraft began to move away from the new earth. Again, terror spread through their minds. The three of them came to a window and looked down. They were able to interview planets, satellites, stars, comets, darkness, light, etc. They landed where they had fled before.

John, Nelson and Kalpana were very happy when they returned to Jupiter. When they opened the door and went out, they saw an eagle, but when they could not find Susan and Tom, they were terrified again. He yelled at Tom and Susan but got no answer. After hours of searching, they returned to the eagle in despair. All three entered the eagle and covered their bodies with inferiority complex and self-pity. Awesome Awesome ........! What? Down and Susan were watching the Nepal-Brazil football final at the Nepal Sports. Nelson, Kalpana and Jon looked at each other's faces and shouted, "Cheek ………… .."


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