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A mistake that ended everything

Miserable in life forgetting

Never thought that even being sensible would make such a big mistake.

The mistake is taking over as if it has consumed everything in life.

Laughter two moments of conversation means that life has become like this.

On myself and on the day I accepted this mistake.

I realized that nothing is happening now, this small mistake will now swallow the whole life.

This is what happens when a person may not be serious towards himself, then the result is this.

Why would this happen, was it destiny or was it a deception done by one self?

I understand something,but it is far to understand that something is being left out.

I had heard many things but had not seen that a person makes a mistake.

But now I have completely understood the truth.whoever would have been more intelligent, his one mistake is very full.

Throughout his life, he suffers in his life because of that mistake.

Mistake dominates life so much that it destroys everything.

Mistake breaks ties with everyone as if she is all alone in the world.

He was harassed in every way that you yourself deserve this .

I should be ashamed of my own account because I am guilty myself.

In my life, the owner again has all the rights, even if I forget.

I don't remember what were the days when such a decision was taken.

Maybe if I remember, I will tear the written page of fate quickly.

I wish it was like this but said it is only a thought of our mind.

If so, then every person should never be a victim of mistake.

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And he should not be tainted be the master of his own fate.

This is what we would have lost to our luck that someone else would have written its account.

In from of whom no one moves, everyone is helpless in front of him.

A man would lose his supre Macy before his luck.

But in the from of ego or pride, we ourselves are the victims of mistake.

Our mistake weight so heavily on us that we would lose everything.

She closes all the doors and does not leave a single eye.

Would weave such a net all around so that you yourself would be surrounded in it.

It becomes so difficult to get out because there is no support or shelter to be seen.

If someone's shadow starts shunning you even standing for away from you.

There is so much darkness all around that no one can take care of you.

There fore a person should always take a division only after being cautious.

If you are less in the greed of some wealth, this is a good peace.

If the decision is not easy, then do some assessment here and There, then something good will happen.

Better not to take life lightly than to regret it by mistake or haste.

If there is a better tomorrow, if there is a Mistake,then choose a little, the decision of others too.

Sometimes someone else can show you the right path.

May your well wishers be a true guide.

Not everyone is your own, who can get you out of this mistake.

Hear their call and save your life from the dark darkness of darkness.

Don't take life lightly ,don't let this beautiful life crucify you.

© 2021 Sultanakhan

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