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A Mediocre Breakup Can't Infringe a Strong Woman: A Short Story!


A Mediocre Breakup Can't Infringe a Strong Woman: Short Story:

It was a cloudy evening, the birds were singing, plants were dancing in fresh air, fully colored like a newly grown flower. the air was like the rhythm of music. The innocent creatures was playing in between green plants with an embellished smile on their faces. A slurpy woman, who wore a classic bold dress, with medium heels and a pair of stud earrings, came there and sat on a side bench forlornly. She was broken, she was crying fully. The nearest sitter woman came to her and asked "What happened" ? pleasantly. I got an unexpected breakup by my partner , she replied, she was delapidated, she even didn't recognize in front of whom, she was telling. She was swamped with all her grief and anguish. "What did he do" ? That stranger woman asked further. "We were a happy couple, we had completed our 9 years of relationship recently, we were planning to celebrate that last month but just 8 days before celebration, he left me and went to my friend, as they had been in an unrevealed relationship since two past years, I don't know why he deceived me? Why he did this to me? She detailed , while screaming and yelping. She was swerving in pain. The woman was mollifying her but It didn't matter at all.
Kat was an educated, disciplined girl, and had a strong and rich family background but she was in madly in love with her classmate, even she gave up all her desires for him. Though, he was from a middle class family but he was loyal to her at the start but not until later. He deceived her after a huge era of 9 years and got engaged to her friend. She deceived by her friend too. Hence, she had broken completely.
The stranger woman told her story to kat, that she also had deceived by her husband, when she was pregnant with her second child. She was famished, she had nothing to eat, nothing to foster her children, as she depended all on her husband. But she didn't give up. She stood by herself, as she had no family to whom, she could go for help, because she went against her family to marry her love of life. But she got hoaxed. She started to earn by working in food street, as she used to make mouth watering food. She became a worrier for her children. She started her own grocery mart, after saving enough money for that. She reclaimed her children's life, by toiling herself.
Kat got some brace and dedication by woman's inventive story. She decided to be adherent instead of being enfeeble and effete. She wanted to be a fashion designer by always but unfortunately she couldn't. She was always a great fashionista. She drained all her savings in achieving her biggest dream.
She took a shop on rent at first. She chose women formals as niche, and got signed different contracts by in profit going companies for fabric. Se was performing the act of moving hurriedly. She became painstaker to prove herself. She was working day and night. She designed almost 20 dresses as her first collection and published after two months of continuous hard work. She got gracious and affable comments from the audience. She got a fruit of her task diligently and assiduously. She proved herself.
One day when kat was working at her outlet,sitting in her cabin. A handsome man, who had cunning eyes came at reception, as he approached there for an interview of an employee post. When he got to in Kat's cabin to give his try, he became astound entirely, as he was her husband, who had betrayed her. He was contrition. He was repented for sins, he had committed with her. But she spoke pleasantly with him , she even thanked him, to eject her out of dysfunctional relationship. She had made her name on her own, which is indispensable to every single woman.

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