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A goodbye and a hello

Doing this thing called writing. Hoping I am good at it. Yep.



"Hello, May I help you with that?" I stranger's voice ask's a I reached for the scented candle that's somehow stacked so high that standing on my tippy toes isn't of any help. And mind you, I'm really not that short.

With a loud sigh I give up on my attempts and turn to the stranger with a broad smile.

It's the bright blue eyes that takes my breath first. And then the flawless smile. It takes a moment, only a moment, for me to gather my thoughts to form a sentence.

"Hi. And yes please." I say and awkwardly point to the candle that I so desperately want. Its lavender.

Without another word the stranger takes a step closer to the candle and reach up to get me the candle.

When he has it in his hands, he looks at me with a thoughtful expression. "I think we could make a great partnership."

"Oh, how so?"

"You could pick out unreachable non essential items in shops and I can take them off for you. How does that sound?" He says and leans against the shelf.

"Sounds like a good idea, I think."

And so begins a love story that would have any girl go green with jealousy. At least those girls who still believes in the romance that I once believed in.


The perfect romance

"Our first date." Jake says with his usual dazzling smile. It gets me everytime.

"Yes. It's the perfect first date." I say with a smile and pick up my menu. Each of us already has a glass of wine on the table and I take a sip of mine.

When I'm done, I take a peak at him. He's studying the menu as well. He's truly one of the most attractive guys I've seen. And he is able to take me to a fancy restaurant so its might mean he is well off. That's two things that all girls want in a man. He dresses well. I can tell by the perfectly fitted suit his wearing. And not to mention the helping of strangers in a grocery store. Lots of points there. And he is single. Score for me I thought as a made sure the black cocktail dress I'm wearing is still perfect. I went all out for the date. I made sure my light makeup and red painted nails fit perfectly with my dress and open toed high heeled shoes. I'm sure we look like the perfect couple already.

When we done with our meal he drives us to a movie theater and there we soos to watch a cheesy romcom movie.

At the end of our fantastic first date. He walks me to my apartment door.

"Can I kiss you now? I've been wanting to do it all night long." He says.

I don't hesitate as I take a step closer, stand on my tippy toes and give him a light kiss on his perfect lips. He doesn't hesitate either as he grabs on to my hips and takes the kiss to the next level.

And thus the perfect date ends with a perfect kiss.

Nail polish

Town's Celebrity Couple

It's been the best 3 months ever. By now the whole town has seen us together. We've had picnics in the park and dates at the movies. And almost every weekend we're together. Accept for when he has his work trips. And they happen at least twice a month.

"Where are you off to this time?" I ask as I watch him pack a stylish black suitcase.

To Be Continued...

© 2021 Shaudene Oktober

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