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A Few Problems With American Comics

James is an avid reader with a book collection in the hundreds and growing. He enjoys wildlife, wilderness and the many simple things life

Let Me Start By Saying

I like comics and I have been collecting them for some time now, I also like Japanese comics or "manga" I have even pointed out in a previous article that they are very similar to one another, however. I have to admit there are some pretty staggering issues with American comics that the Japanese comics do not have or at least they are not as severe and has a author of a marginally successful children's book Chino and the Bug I feel like I have some professional understanding of the subject. So please let us sit down have a drink and discuss these problems and maybe just how to fix them, I am not making a list, these are just some of the more urgent issues that I have noticed.

Too Many Writers


Something that I can Recall from my time with my publisher is a saying "If you have 8 writers in a room you will get 9 stories." the thing is since Superman or Spider-man often exchange writers for different story ideas and takes on the characters and worlds it often times leads to something not being consistent with the characters or at worst contradicting stories or subject matter. Everyone has there own thoughts for what these characters mean or why they act the way they do and sometimes a new writer behind the character can be great, unfortunately that is often not the case.

A Possible Solution

I am not against different writers taking the helm on some of these things however I think it should be better insured that it is a smooth transition and that the new writer knows what the previous was trying to do or at least what they as writers can or can't do. By allowing a smother transition, there may be at least a little less problems with character portrayal and and contradicting stories. Of course this problem goes hand to hand with my next point.

It Doesn't End


The story of Superman or Spider-Man rarely ends.and when the story has been running for 40 to 70 plus years, then there is naturally going to be some problems. Most writers are not going to live that long meaning that new ones are going to be needed which of course goes into the previous argument. and of course if that said hero or villian is tied to any kind of historical event then that puts an age on them meaning we have a Tony Stark who seems to around mid to late 30's flying around as Iron-Man which he conceived from the Vietnam War and yet it is supposed to be 2021. Realistically half of these characters should be retired or dead and the other half that are immortal should be going through a unique character ark of coming to terms of losing a friend that they have been fighting together with for so long or seeing a ever changing world nothing like what they remembered.

Solution Maybe

Between the New 52 and the Ultimate Comics and even the Marvel Movies some of these characters have gotten the update that they needed but it is not enough. I realize manga chapters are release on a weekly base rather then monthly but when you think about how much content there is I think they might come out about the same actually. Still I think the American comics would actually benefit from letting the character stories come to an actual end rather then forcing them to last forever, you can always re tell it in a different way or with just a updated format, works for the Ninja Turtles anyway. Another idea that might help is make each of them rooted into a fixed time frame such as all Batman stories are permanently in the 1930's or Spwan is always in the mid 80's. by fixing the time frame the writers have more guidelines as to what they can and cannot do, and we won't have the case of 20 year old Spider-Man turning 60 and early stories depicting Peter Parker using a pay phone and while today he is using a smart phone.

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Final Thoughts

I just like this image

I just like this image

You tell a good story and it will be timeless even if it is not modern, Robin Hood and Sherlock Holmes is proof of that. I love these characters and I don't like seeing them get mishandled just so that they can be current and modern when in fact all we need from them is a good story. But what do you guys think please let me know your thought in the comment section below. I'm Wanderin Jim and I hope you all have a super happy day.


Mr. Happy from Toronto, Canada on March 09, 2021:

I like comic books. I'm an X-Men kinda guy and Batman too. (I had "Batman: The Dark Night Returns" on a December exam in university one year so, I had to like him to go that far lmao)

I do agree with You about the characters needing a good story. I don't know how I feel about trying to think about Spider-Man being 70 though LOL I don't think he'd be much fun.

"or Spwan is always in the mid 80's" - Typo on "Spawn" here but I have to say: Todd McFarlane's Spawn was just genial! I watch it every year. It's become some sort of a tradition. And so, since that one, every other Spawn movie, or cartoon has basically sucked. Nothing close to McFarlane's Spawn, in my opinion. Might just well retire him because his greatest heights have passed.

"fixing the time frame the writers" - I think that can totally work. Just so we don't have a 70 year old Superman. Haha!!

Thanks for the thoughts. Cheers!

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