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A donkey was tied of a tree....


A donkey was tied to a tree.

Satan came and released the donkey.

The donkeys entered the field and began to destroy the standing crop.

The farmer's wife saw this and shot the donkey.

The donkey's owner could not stand it, so he killed the farmer's wife.

Here the farmer came home. He got angry when he saw his wife covered in blood and killed the owner of the donkey.

The donkey's wife ordered her children to set fire to the farmer's house.

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That evening her two children set fire to the farmer's house, and the farmer came home rejoicing that it must have burned down.

But the farmer survived the fire, returned, and killed the donkey's owner's wife and two children.

The penitent farmer asked Satan why all this had happened.

Satan replied, "I did nothing, I just set the donkey free. You reacted to it and set the devil inside you free." *

* So from now on, while answering, reacting, giving news, condemning, taking revenge, stop and think.

Be careful ...
Most of the time what Satan doesn't do anything, he just frees our * donkey *.

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