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A Dark Basement

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It was a cold rainy night and Tom was sitting at home in front of his TV. He is a huge fan of any zombie flicks that he could find, but unfortunately there was none playing that night. As he flips through the channels, with a remote that has a button that sticks, damn you remote, he comes across a show about monsters. A really disturbing show that has creatures dripping with pus and grime. Monsters with large horns and arched backs that have protruding green shells. Long fingers with even longer nails come to a point that look as if they would pierce through metal. Yeah he would rather watch a nice zombie movie tonight but with none of those around he would have to settle for this.

Looking outside from his recliner he see's a lightning bolt flash in the distance. It's bright streak turns the dimly lit living room into a white haze, but only for a split second.

"I'm getting kinda hungry." He thought to himself. Rising from the chair like a zombie rising from the grave, he slipped on his way up giving him that undead look as he flopped around, he rounds the corner heading toward the kitchen while trying to remember what he had in the fridge.

"I think I'll eat that pizza I have in there from last night." He ordered the pizza from Mike's Pizza shop which has a reputation of leaving hairs inside of the cheese topping. Not something he would like to experience but it was cheap food, and he wasn't looking to spend a fortune on food. As he takes his first bite he finds himself hoping that those strings hanging from his lips were cheese instead of human strands. Another bright flash from outside brings with it a long electrical bolt. Also thunder, rolling thunder that shakes his home.

"I hope the electricity doesn't go out," and it could.

A creaking sound can be heard coming from the basement.

Closing the fridge Tom opens the door to the basement and listens.


Taking a bite of his pizza he tosses the crust toward the garbage can in the corner. It hits the rim bouncing off and landing on the floor.

"Must be a damn rat!" He said while still looking down the dark basement stairs. Tom shuts the door and heads back into the living room to watch his show. The monster movie he was watching has been interrupted by the news. A pretty reporter was sitting at a desk reporting a story. They were telling of a huge storm that was heading toward Bleakfalls.

"There is a huge storm heading for Bleakfalls as we speak! Everyone is advised to stay indoors and away from windows!"

"Oh you don't say!" Tom said as another lightning bolt struck outside. This one had struck directly outside of his window causing him to jump.

"Oh I hope that one didn't hit that house." It sounded as if it did, and that made him worry. His house was one of the last remaining homes still standing in the city of Bleakfalls. Not many people still lived here because of the disaster that struck here so long ago. His family tells him he's crazy for wanting to stay in such a run down place, but it's his home and he wasn't going to leave. He decides it would be best to go outside and check everything out, just to make sure everything was okay. Opening the door a blast of cold wind came through pushing Tom back with it. He stands there looking outside noticing the remaining trees in his yard blowing around so hard they looked as if they were about to snap. The dense white fog in the distance seemed to flow with the wind making it look like river. An odd scene...

"I don't think so!" Tom said as he slammed his door shut. There was no way in the world he was going to go out there tonight. He could wait until the storm died down, or even until the next morning.

Sitting back down into his chair Tom reached down to his side to grab his can of beer. The side of the can read, "Lestor Brew," and it was the greatest beer in the world. He sips on his beer as thunder and lightning are heard from outside. Was this storm ever going to quit? Well it had only just begun..


Tom is a little startled by the strange sound. It was much louder then it was before.

"I bet that little rodent is on the top step!" Setting his beer back onto the floor beside his recliner he jumps up out of his chair running to the kitchen. He grabs his bat which he had laid in the corner that he used for protection against anyone that would try to break in. It had black tape around the handle that way he could have a better grip when he swung.

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"I'm gonna send that rat to hell!" Tom said to himself as he laughed with an evil grin.

Rushing over to the basement Tom whipped open the door and prepared to crush the little critter, but there was nothing there. He thought that it was because of how he opened the door, it must have ran away scared. Disappointment came over him with the thought that he wouldn't be able to smash the rat with his taped bat. All he wanted to do was swing away.

"You were very lucky this time, but not the next. I will get you I promise," he said to the dark basement stairs. "Oh I will get you."

At that moment the electric went out, nothing but darkness all around him.

"Oh now that's just great," he said while looking down the dark stairs that lead to the basement. It looked exactly the same as before but now the rest of the house was just as black. He was just about to close the door when he heard the sound again.


Looking down the dark stairs again he could feel his heart beating in his chest. Another lightning bolt struck outside brightening up the basement for a moment. Tom decided he would go down and look for the rat and try to kill it. It wouldn't be too difficult, just find the rat and swing the bat. One good swing and it would be over. He would be able to go back to his recliner and finish his Lestor Brew. What a great beer that was, and as he made his way down the steps he grabbed his flashlight which was sitting on a shelf to his right. Thunder and rain are heard outside as the storm rages on. It almost seemed as if the storm was getting worse. The wind was pushing the rain hard against the windows making loud clatter sounds every time a drop would hit the glass.


The sound increased in volume as he neared the bottom of the stairs.

"Where are you, you little freak!" Tom said with frustration as he couldn't see the rat anywhere. In the corner was some furniture that Tom had stored there for his sister. She promised him it would only be for a few weeks but here the stuff sits 3 years later. He thinks about selling the stuff on occasion but decides against it. She will come and get it all one day, and maybe that day will be soon. If only she didn't live so far away. He knows that is probably the main reason why she never comes to collect the furniture. Why would she want to come to Bleakfalls anyway? Even with the furniture she has waiting for her maybe she thinks it would be worth the loss to never go back to that city again. Could it even be considered a city anymore?

An idea comes to Tom as he stands there in the dark basement. The rat is probably over there inside of that furniture. Over there hiding from him in a small nook or cranny. He makes his way over to the large pile of junk with his taped bat raised in the air. That little rodent was sure to come flying out of there as soon as he saw the tall clumsy giant coming toward him. It would run for it's life and Tom would be ready for it, slamming the bat down as hard as he could.


Tom jumped swinging the bat really hard at the couch putting a hole in the side. There was no rat though, but the resulting hole would surly make his sister angry.

"Oh she's gonna kill me for ruining her couch!" Tom thought to himself. "As if it really matters, she probably isn't going to come for a visit anyway. I bet she doesn't even realize I'm still alive," and so he swings the bat again putting another hole in the couch that his sister doesn't want.


The sound came from behind him. Turning around he shines his flashlight over to the other side of the basement. He notices there is a hole in the corner that wasn't there before.

"How did that get here?" He glanced down at his taped bat wondering if the extra grip would have given him enough strength to create a hole like that, and then he shakes the thought away. Walking over to the hole he looks inside. It appears as if it were to go on forever, and shining the flashlight down inside of the hole he could see the walls of the hole, but blackness beyond that. The flashlight wasn't powerful enough to show the bottom. That's if it even had a bottom. Sink holes have happened in his town before as there is old mines all over the place. Old mines with fire blazing away caused by an unknown source many years ago.

"Maybe it would be best if I just left this house for now," he considered staying but with the sinkhole in his basement he worried that the rest of the house could fall inside as well. And by the looks of the hole, the depth of it, he really didn't want to fall down there. If the house would collapse down and he was still inside than he would surly be killed. But if he somehow survived the fall how in the world would he make his way back out of there? Climbing those walls would be a no-go. Not to mention his stash of Lestor Brew would spill all over the place. That would be the worst part of it all, being down a long dark hole without a can of his beer. What a scary thought. He hurries up his basement stairs while hoping the home doesn't go tumbling down.

With a loud crash of thunder outside he ends up tripping on one of the stairs sending his flashlight to the basement floor. It hits hard and goes black with a couple of flickers.

"Damn it!" He shouts.


That was the loudest of all of the noises which caused his heart to flutter even faster. Was it the rat poking fun at him because he couldn't find it? Was the rat now sticking its tiny head out of the furniture laughing at Tom for falling on the stairs and breaking his flashlight? That thought enraged Tom as he lay there on the basement stairs.

"I'll find you, you rodent," he said. Pushing himself up off of the stairs he glanced over at the furniture on the other side of the basement. He couldn't see a rat, or anything else for that matter, but he could hear something coming from the hole in the floor ahead of him. Could the rat be in there? Could it have crawled across the basement floor and down the walls of the hole while Tom lay on the stairs feeling stupid? It's possible, and he moved back over to the hole once again looking down inside. It's dark, and so he gets down on his knees leaning forward with his hands gripping the rim of the hole.

Is the rat down there? Could it really be down there? He hears the noise again.


It was an angry noise. A noise that lets a person know not to fool around with it. He looks, while leaning over a bit more. He can hear scratches like something is climbing up the walls. Climbing up from the darkness below with many... claws, gripping into the soft dirt. He wonders to himself, what is that?

"Hello?" He asks and than wonders why he asked. A gust of wind hits his face from the hole and for a split second he saw it. It came for him fast and the next moment he saw nothing as the large arm reaches out of the hole gripping its three fingered hand around his face. Two fingers covering both of his eyes while the third grips into his skull, oh the pain he was feeling right now.

"Let me go... oh God," he said with a scream that pierced into the stormy night. Blood rushes down from his forehead as the third finger grips even harder. Blood comes from his eyes as they are pushed in by the other two fingers. Tom's arms go limp as well as his legs. The thing in the hole pulls Tom's lifeless body down into the abyss where many screams can now be heard. Screams from others, screams in a place where the next lightning strike cannot light up. The flash from the bolt has brightened the basement once more though. And in the furniture sticking it's small head out is a rat. The rodent stares at the hole in the basement floor which is now closing inch by inch. Soon the basement floor will look whole again, as if there was never a hole there to begin with.

The creak noise can still be heard along with the screams of many. Down below the destroyed city of Bleakfalls now rests the body of Tom, who is now being incinerated by the mine fires that will rage on for many years to come.

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