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A Yummy Surprise for a Science Guy

Rdsparrowriter is a young woman of faith celebrating people who had inspired her to be better everyday :)

Baby Gersh :) Adorably cute :)

Baby Gersh :) Adorably cute :)


I got to know a young man

A young man who loves science

Also a quite talented musician

Who celebrated his quarter-century.

He is good at playing musical instruments

He even has a beautiful singing voice

He has a kind beautiful smile

And he is very calm too.

Toddler Gersh :)

Toddler Gersh :)

I think of him as a little bro-in-love

He is my little sister's 'Pudding Pie'

I don't know much about him

But I do know that he is generous with his time.

He had been a studious student at school

Only played Basketball and not cricket

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He is fun to hang around and play the fool

He seems super nice to my sister.

Bethany Bake - Super moist black forest chocolate cake with chocolate ganache, whipped cream icing decorated with marshmallow fondant :)

Scientific symbols and abstract decoration in Creamsoda flavored icing :)

Scientific symbols and abstract decoration in Creamsoda flavored icing :)


He is an elder brother of two younger siblings

Maybe that's why he is so caring and responsible

He doesn't seem to mind my sister's bossiness

He's a sweet younger brother I've gained :)

I pray that Papa God would keep him safe and happy

Help him fulfill his calling and purpose

As he studies and works hard to build a family

May God be his lighting guide and success.

Teen Gersh :)

Teen Gersh :)

It turns out that we ended up celebrating another quarter-century :) I ended up getting my first cake order, from my mom of course :) This time I made it all by myself simply following a recipe. Although I miss-calculated the measurements of the marshmallow fondant which ended up out of shape, my mom and the friend that I practice baking under, said that I shouldn't be hard on myself since I did it all by myself. Last time I had all the professional guidance so there wasn't a chance to mess up.

This time I tried Black Forest Chocolate cake with melon jam, chocolate ganache, and whipped cream icing without cherries or cherry syrup since I couldn't find them. I was told that it was super moist and yumtastic. So I felt super happy :) When I made a bit of extra and shared it with my baking friend whom I think of as my Baking Teacher just to know her opinion and she said that when she shared it with her hubby, he had thought it was a store-bought one :) I baked cookies but my sis decorated them and luckily she found it to be fun :)

I didn't know preparing for surprises could be so much fun :)

A song sung by birthday boy and my sis :)

Brother-in-love 05/07/2021

My sister's Gershy Bershy Pudding Pie

One of the Sweetest with a challenging spirit

He's very clever as he improvise

He motivates my sister with one spirit :)

He seems to be practicing patience with my sis

After all they are both quite demanding and possessive

It is nice to know that he is thoughtful towards sis

Their playful banter is something that I enjoy and miss.

He likes to share his knowledge, time and food with her

Helpful and encouraging towards my sister's improvement

Even the distance is not a hindrance as he is online with her

Sometimes multi-tasking on the phone to make her important.

He gives me advice as to what I should do to workout

To be more healthy and tips that I could follow to see results

I hope I could be more slim, healthy and fit as I lose weight

To look great at their wedding day is my goal for all this weightloss.

He works and studies till late night but he rise up early the next

He does lectures as a teacher in a university

He is into Robotics and Electronic Engineering subjects

And I admire his hardworking persevering quality.

I hardly see my sis being angry or in fights with him

He seems to be matured enough to be understanding

He even prays to Papa God if he gets angry to calm him

He seems open to suggestions and quick to listen to reasoning.

Teen Gersh :)

Teen Gersh :)

It's quite entertaining to watch a chess match between him and sis

Even playing card games or Monopoly Deal Breaker

Sometimes too much of a challenging spirit is not good in competitions

But I do enjoy watching them as they become each other's challenger.

According to what I heard, he had cooked for my sister

In social media, he backs her opinions against another

Even with us, he hardly ever say anything bad about my sister

He even helps her with organizing her mess like no other.


He is passionate about raising young men to be a responsible father figure

By instilling Godly values and principles in hearts and minds in the society

To commit into practicing patience in order to keep the marriage bed pure

As his desire is to see married men and women thrive in sincerely and faithfully.

I find my little sis and bro-in-love's some interactions adorably cute and kind

They make me smile and happy that he seems to care about her genuinely

I really hope and pray that their love would grow as they mature and grow old

While working continuously towards Papa God's plan and purpose successfully.

© 2021 Rochelle Ann De Zoysa


Rochelle Ann De Zoysa (author) from Moratuwa, Sri Lanka on July 13, 2021:

Thank you Manatita :) Love and prayers :) Take care and may God bless you Manatita!

manatita44 from london on July 13, 2021:

Sweet. Charming! What a lovely man and woman! They see both Ace.

You poem says so much! love you RD Sparrow!

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