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A Writing Guide for Kaiju

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What are kaiju and why you should listen to me

First of all, in today’s terms, kaiju are giant monsters at the smallest the size of a house and at the biggest the size of mountains. Godzilla might be the most popular example of a kaiju but is hardly the only one, but this isn't about what is a kaiju and what's not this is about how a writer should approach writing a kaiju it is harder then one might think. I have written and created an original Kaiju and I have seen every Godzilla movie, in short I am a huge fan of the kaiju genre and I can think of a few things even the pros have messed up and I don't mean the origin of the monster but smaller things that I don't think most people will catch on to. I hope this might help a few other aspiring artist as they create these larger then life monsters.

Tip 1, think about size


I know size is something that kind of defines a kaiju but hear me out. Size effects so much, most streets can't fit a three-hundred foot monster meaning that Godzilla will be brushing his sides against most the buildings has he is trying to squeeze through most streets. Even in the big cities like Tokyo or New York only a select few streets can fit such a massive creature and logically most of us are going to walk down the path of least resistance, even from a destructive monster point of view what makes for a better scene Godzilla walking through buildings or Godzilla occasionally punching them and pushing them down as he tries to make a path for himself? I don't know about you, but I will take the second one. Even special effects master Eiji Tsuburaya chose to make Ultraman and all of his monsters at one-hundred-thirty feet because he felt that any bigger and there would be a problem.

Tip 2, always plan a escape

Gigan is a master of escape

Gigan is a master of escape

This kind of also go into size. Your Kaiju needs some sort of escape other wise they will be forever pelted by the military and regardless if that kills them or not would make for a lame entry. Godzilla lives underwater where no one can really get to him, Rodan flies fast enough and high enough that reaching him would be difficult and of course Gigan (as seen above) not only flies but also lives in space. And has how size fits into this argumen, obviously the bigger the monster the harder it is for them to hide.

Tip 3, consider their diet

Godzilla likes ramen?

Godzilla likes ramen?

Obviously the bigger they are the less choices we have to work with. Like any living organisms kaiju need to eat but if they are too big, humans can’t be on the menu or at least it would require a large amount of people. Now we do have an advantage being that kaiju are far from natural so that eat raw energy or in the case of Yongary back in the 1967 movie, oil. Depending on their living conditions they could eat off camera such Godzilla and possibly squid under water. I suppose they could also be self sustaining again like Godzilla in most cases.

Tip 4, remember it’s your monster

Triceradon the Grand Leviathan,

Triceradon the Grand Leviathan,

This rule stands above all else. It’s your monster perhaps he eats people and is only as big as a house or he is as big as Mt Everest it doesn’t matter if it works within the confines of your story then it works and is fine and with that here is my monster just for giggle.

This is my kaiju Triceradon he stands 80 meters tall, weights 90,000 tons and is subterranean meaning that he lives underground. Triceradon is a ancient leviathan (my kaiju) awoken by mine blasting near Los Angeles and he old he is angry and isn't called the grand leviathan for nothing. sadly there is no comics or movies with Tricereadon but he does appear as a playable character in a game called Daikaiju Daikessen: Versus, which is available on steam.

Final thoughts

I only that this article someone out there as we slowly populate this world with awesome monsters ready save or destroy the world. But what are your thoughts please let me know in the comment section below. I’m Wanderin Jim and I hope you all have a super happy da.

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