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It has been a while since I have written anything here.

Nobody understands that unless you have walked in my shoes or know me from birth will you understand the way I feel in this life.

Often there is doubt from others but not from me.

I do believe that believing in myself is key to a wonderful life. A positive approach to life gives me everything I want and need for myself.

Writing has given me the value in life to create what is known to be a normal life.

What can I say about the world right now!

There are many sad people and some are trying to be happy with what they have.

Life has become a menace of all time.

I live in a place where there isn’t much of anything going on so I shouldn’t be complacent about anything. I do appreciate everything I have in the hope that it would get better for everybody else.

I do not watch the news!

I do know what cruel things are going on in this world and choose to live my life.

It is not good for me to watch what is happening around the world. As far as I can see there isn’t much good in occurrence.

This has pulled me from all sides and made me see my life and what I should be doing for me to feel better in this time.

People aren’t always happy with what they do or see around them.

The life I have not dreamed of but hoped would get better as well.

Living in Croatia for twenty years has shown me a difficult life and I have grown stronger having this life in me.

Having experienced this life for so long I feel challenges are a thing of the past.

I have gone through many obstacles and failed and got up and climbed up the ladder.

It doesn’t mean I don't know or I am still trying to cope with a different life. To me, this means life gives you everything and if I know how to support myself and move on things can get easier. I haven’t relied on anyone to pull me up and to move on with my foreign life.

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I pulled myself up and stood on both my feet to create whatever made me happy in my adoptive country.

A lot has changed and I have too.

Each time I travelled back to South Africa I felt everything different. I did not see that as much as it felt that way, it is me who has changed and failed to see this in me.

Sharing about my experiences has taken me forward in writing for other platforms.

One of the best experiences I have had is writing for Hubpages.

The time I have here to write about my challenges, the lifestyle, culture and learning a foreign language has grown into my life.

Little did I know that writing could take on such a positive way of life for me.

I do not see life in any way but in a positive way.

No matter what goes on, my life is free of negative energy.

I ensure that my life will not go down that road.

What keeps me thinking Positive?

I walk, laugh, attend to my garden, declutter my home, chat with my family, meet my friend for a coffee, and always find something to do to keep my day occupied. I enjoy playing cards with friends, reading, watching movies, or a new series. I am not bored!

Sometimes I spend time cooking new recipes.

Go out shopping if I need to and enjoy the beautiful scenery in my region.

This life has limited us from enjoying a good social life.

However, I do not let what is going on stop me from enjoying life.

Although it is not much of a gathering I do enjoy each day in my way.

Why do I Write?

Is it for money or Art?

Some of you may say bother one of each.

I write for a purpose to make money which is rewarding.

You can write for the love of it or just to get bad thoughts out of your mind.

No matter what you write for you end up favoring one over the other.

You want appreciation for your words and find your words mean to others or powerful.

Writers often think they will be millionaires from their work. The moment you think like that you lose the power of being a writer.

You instead become your worst enemy in the life of a writer.

To be a successful writer, focus on the correct niches and earn that dollar more.

Make a good living from what you love and not from what you dread.

How long does it take you to make money from Writing?

Writing could take up to years to make money from unless you choose the correct keywords then only will you know if your hard work has paid off.

If you are lucky you will see an income within six months.

I learned a lot from writing online and know that writing doesn’t show you money if that is what you want from it.

Patience, perseverance and the constant push you give toward writing make hard work pay off but in the long run, you can get fed up with it.

Writing is like creating art.

You win some and you lose some in this work.

Make money with wiser choices.

A definition of how a writer decides to express their emotions.

The choice of words used by the writer, in structure, and language whether in figurative or metaphorical language, is often more than telling a story.

It could be an interesting plot, and a writer has to choose carefully to develop a personal style in writing.

The Old Style

It can be a challenge for a modern reader.

Sentences in the Old style were long and writers could then excel in rhetorical devices to make their verbal skills show to others.

Some people were illiterate and reading and writing were for the cultural types.

In such times people were more for theatre and recitals of poetry.

I discovered that writing has changed since then and writers now feel the pressure to keep up with the changes.

The whole concept of writing and reading amazes us in life and in everything we do in our lives.

Learning never stops and by writing one learns more about certain or specific subjects.

I write to share my experiences with you.

What is it that inspires you to write?

I haven’t written an article in the Croatian language and would like to give it a try.

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