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A Words of Inspiration to All Educators Like Me

Why pursue education, if you can pursue another profession with a higher salary and an easy tasks to do after graduation?

According to Aristotle, "Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach". Yes, we teach because we understand. Yes, being a teacher won't make you rich at all. It's not about the salary, it's about passion. Along our journey, it's an understatement that we will always encounter people asking us, "Why do you take Education? You deserve better".

Yes, people may disappoint us in some ways and discourage us, but their validation, opinion, standard, and judgment won't matter at all. Let us not live with people's expectations, but let us live with our goal and dreams. We know ourselves better and we know where we are more passionate about. We teach because we understand. We teach because we love teaching.

To pursue education, is not easy at all as others expected. Many people out there thought teaching profession is an easy one and this profession is just for those not-so-witty individuals. How could it be? How do they say so? How others could undermine teaching profession?

Teachers are planner, director, architect or designer, and mind engineers. Do you think a not-so-witty individuals can do it effectively and successfully? I don't think so! We are the catalyst and instrument of making all other professions possible, so never think you are nothing and dull. Teaching profession is the most challenging one. It is a tiring and discouraging profession, but a very rewarding one. It's all about passion- a love to teach and to shape a life.

Why did they undermine our profession? In fact, our profession is a very noble profession. We shape the character and future of an individual. Without us, there will be no professionals in the world. Have you ever tried to think that there are no successful business owners or a great, smart, and effective doctors, lawyers, engineers, and architect without us? Definitely, without us, there will never be like them that will exist in this world.

When someone undermining your chosen profession, use it as your shield, your pillars of strength, motivation and inspiration to be a teacher and to love more your profession. Show to them that you're not affected, and that they are wrong. You don't need people's validation, but God's.

Kudos to all future educators, directors, and mind engineers out there! We all deserve the accolades, love, and support. According to Judy Blume, "Our fingerprints don't fade to the lives we touch". Keep on touching lives! Keep the fire in your heart. Keep the fire continue burning. Keep going, teachers!

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