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A Woman's Stage in Life

We are born with a million love and affection
Growing up, growing, spreading tenderness
Bringing joy through a smile
Arrive at a point anchored in a bond.

We are given a mandate
Become a love connection as a wife
Washing away the tired and tired thirst of a husband
As a true educator for children

We are given a responsibility
To support and strengthen
Be a reminder and advisor
In a journey called Household.

When we are tired and tired
But stay awake to be a listener
The one who pretends to like
Be an antidote to grief and hurt
To stay faithful to the side of the man we have made a king

When we are at the lowest point
There are only dried tears
Only prayer accompanies
As a heart strengthener of sacred bonds

The story of a woman is when she smiles happily
Accept and devote
Free to choose a career, To be a wife, To accept as a mother
Because that's actually a choice
About A Woman's Stage.

© 2022 Halley Kawistoro

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