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"A Witch in Time" Book Review

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Juliet Lecompte is a young farm girl living in France's Belle Epoque when her neighbor Auguste Marchant decides to take a romantic interest in her. They quickly become summer lovers, but it cannot last. Her mother learns of their perverted relationship and attempts a curse on Marchants that will ruin him forever but also protect her dear Juliet. The curse does not proceed as expected and Juliet is sent into a whirlwind of chaos, doomed to repeat a cycle every thirty years as star crossed lovers with Marchant and Luke Varner, the demon whose job is to maintain the curse.

Fast forward to 2012. Helen, a magazine executive in DC, is set up on a blind date following the divorce of her husband, Roger. Strange things are happening to Helen and Luke Varner (her blind date) has all the answers. Helen begins to dream of the lives of three separate women in time. First Juliet's in 1895, then Nora's years as an actress in the 1930s, and finally as Sandra, a wannabe rockstar during the 1970s. As Helen finds out the truth about her history, she decides that she no longer wants to repeat this tragic story and takes the curse into her own hands. But what is the cost of ending a 100-year curse?


What I Loved

I honestly can't say enough good things about this novel; as a reader, I was completely immersed and read this story in a total of four sittings. That might sound like a lot for some people but for me, that was a fast read!

The Different Eras

One of my concerns coming into this novel was how the author could manage to portray the same character through multiple time periods especially periods that were each so individual in themselves. Constance Sayers the author of A Witch in Time surprised me with how beautifully and in my opinion accurately she portrayed the lifestyles and settings of these eras. Juliet's 1895 was beautiful yet harsh and dirty. Nora's 1930s was alive and colorful but also a dark transitional time for both men and women. Sandra's 1970s was the essence of hippy teenage years, loaded with the music, drugs, and news of that time. I can't imagine how much research Sayers had to do to properly depict each decade the way she did, but in conclusion, she simply did it well!

How Each Life Intermingles

I think most people have watched a film where the main character has to relive the same day over and over only changing slightly until they inevitably find the solution to the problem and end the cycle. I have personally always found movies such as these to drag and worried that I might not finish this book because it would be too repetitious. I was wrong.

Though Juliet relives the cycle four times, in no way shape or form is it actually the same and Juliet as a person experiences so much that as a person she changes a great deal with each life. Towards the end of the novel, Helen even reflects on how she is four women and four lives all separately wrapped into who she is at this moment.

Slow Burn Romance

As a reader, I love a juicy slow-burning romance. A romance that takes its time before the characters are madly in love with each other. Each romance in A Witch in Time (because yes there are multiple) only starts with a spark and we as the reader get to watch as the flames capsize the boat.

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It Wasn't Perfect

Now it's pretty obvious at this point for me to say I loved this novel. I don't say this lightly either, but in a couple of years when I'm bored at home and need a refreshing love story, I will reread this book simply because it was that good. However, I do have one complaint, and that's the ending.

I never want to spoil the end of a story for anyone so to keep this brief—the end needed about another 10 pages for me, and this is simply because Sayers decided to leave the readers with a slightly inconclusive ending, and I hate those. In the past, I have low rated decent books because of this style of ending because I simply don't like things to be left open to interpretation. It wasn't so left open that I would throw the book at a wall with anger but at the end of the day I would have felt so much more satisfied as a reader with a bit more info.

Our illusions are powerful things we cling to.

— Constance Sayers "A Witch in Time"

In Conclusion

I happily give A Witch in Time by Constance Sayers a five-star review, its magical, romantic and exciting. There are moments when I almost cried and times when I wanted to punch characters in their fake faces. A book that creates this kind of authentic emotions for a person is a rare commodity and anyone who wants to take a ride on a time machine full of love and magic will without a doubt enjoy this story.

"I hate this moment." He rubbed his legs looking nervous. "I go about thirty years hating this moment, and then you call me and we do this all over again."

— Constance Sayers "A Witch in Time"


Sara Woolley on April 21, 2020:

I'm all for a slow burn romance!

Sarah Cook from Wasaga Beach on April 20, 2020:

I look forward to reading this book!

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