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A Week Before Christmas Poem - My Version!

Nell loves writing poetry, especially silly ones that make you laugh!


Merry Christmas!

It's a week before Christmas,

And all through the house,

The rooms are all messy,

And I couldn't find my spouse!

The cat has gone crazy, (It's the Christmas tree, wrecks it every single year...!)

The dogs in despair,

So much for Christmas,

I really don't care!

Dear Father Christmas,

I need some good luck,

My electricity has blown,

And no gas for the truck.

Roll on the summer,

With sunlight so gold,

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To warm up my tootsies

And banish the cold.

( Soon the electricity came back on, and my cheque came through. Yeah!)

But.. darn it...!

Ah, that's better,

The house is real warm

The cats in his cradle

And my man's watching porn...

Wait! What?

Get outta here you...!


Yeah, I kicked him the hell out...! Uh-huh...


Where was I?

Oh yeah.

That's better!

Eh hum, (cough)

The house is so cozy,

My cats in his bed,

Our dogs really happy

Now he's been fed.

It's nearly time for Father Christmas

To show his smiley head,

And me, well, let's face it,

I'm getting ready for bed! (wink!) on a promise baby, on a promise!

(Gotta love Father Christmas!)

Merry Christmas everyone!

Ed Sheeran and Elton John - Merry Christmas!

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© 2021 Nell Rose

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