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A Walk to Remember Nicholas Sparks

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A Walk to Remember, romantic novel


A Walk to Remember

A walk to remember is one of those romantic novels which have influenced the young lovers across the globe. The novel is a love story of the teenager boy which is of the typical sort. It is remarkable work of Nicholas Sparks an American novelist of repute and reverence. The novel starts with the prologue with an old man of 57 years recollects his memories when he was 17 years old. The novel sets in the year of 1958 and 1959 in the city of Beaufort North Carolina.

The novel published in the year of 1999 to the greatest acclaim.

The plot of the novel rotates around the protagonists of the novel Landan Carter and Jamie Sullivan who are extremes of each other and are totally different in nature. Jamie Sullivan is the daughter of the small town Baptist minister where as the Landan was the son of the Congressmen. Landon yearns for the company of his father as his father most of the times stays in Washington DC where as the Jamie misses her mother who died after giving her birth. Jamie is an innocent girl who doesn’t put on make up and volunteers work at orphanage. She is interested in the religion and keeps the Bible with her school books. She is the reserved kind of girl and doesn’t get socialize with the lucky go fellows sort of the students where as on the other hand, Landan is an extreme of the opposite side and is at 180 degrees reverse. He is a lucky go fellow and loves to roam around and hang out with his friends late in the night and in the dark. These two extremes are brought together by the march of the events that follow in the plot. It is the power of love which brings two extremes together.

The novel is narrated in the first person and the narrator is the protagonist himself. It is narrated in the past simple tense. It is the charm of the writer and his art in playing with the words, events and scenes that reader doesn’t loose interest from the very first page to the last one.

It beautifully describes the rustic and pastoral ambiance of the place where the novel sets in. The people were in those times more interested in nature and spent their life in shade of nature. Nature has high influence on them. A fair amount of the book has been dedicated to the description of the events, persons and places and major portion of it describes the church. The way writer describes the events and presents the vivid description shows his command over his observation of the minute things. The microscopic faculty of observation helps writer to present the view in the most realistic way and the reader feels, sees, listens and watches the train of events taking place in front of his eyes.

This novel focuses on the simple life style. The student Life of the last decade of the twentieth century, the life of students then was free from the gadgets. He talks of those good olden days when people took pride in the company of their fellow beings and didn’t live the life of isolation from peers.

The beauty, charm, power and innocence of the first love is very well discussed in the pages of the novel. The conflict of the head and heart, the conflict for centuries, finds massive space in the lines and lengths of the novel. Initially the protagonist of the play is under the influence of head and doesn’t find any attraction in the female protagonist but when he starts listening to the heart and he start inclinations to her and it is his heart’s decision which transforms him completely. Nicholas Sparks in some way tries to give impression that the decision made at heart are more durable, long lasting and sustaining ones as they are made on the basis of the emotions and feelings. To some practical sort of folks this may sound illogical and stupid sort but for those for whom heart matters are at cheers with the choice.

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This end of the novel is somewhat pessimistic and leaves the impression that those who are good at heart and do good deeds are destined to suffer and suffer in the end. The way the character of Jamie is portrayed brings pessimism in many ways. It is tragedy but the tragedy where the protagonist doesn’t have any hamartia. Such a angelic soul suffers because of the fault none. This creates the impression that nature does some time turns cruel.

The novel is Christian in it’s very sense. The moral values are presented and propagated in the best possible way. The novel advocates the view the relations must be free from all sort of greed and selfishness. Love is a noble passion and it should not be dealt as per logics and reasons. It springs out from the very roots of the selflessness and discards any benefits from that. Love in the prime of ones age is a blessings and it shapes the personality of the person to the perfection. It is the passion of love which has healing effects and is the remedy for all diseases but this passion gets failed on this case, it doesn’t bring Jamie to the normal life though she was being loved, adored and cared to the core.

The law of Karma didn’t work here, the positive and considerate deeds of Jamie who cared for every one and didn’t keep grudges against any one didn’t bring positive results for her. She wasn’t rewarded for being too good and considerate.

Though the theme, content, matter and manner of the novel are sublime to the very sense and hence has succeeded in winning the attention of the readers across the globe. It has got wider readership and has been the recipient of the several credits. It has brought many feathers in it’s cap. Many critics put the novel in the category of being Christian in theme but because of the universality of theme it is equally popular among the non Christians and literary worms and pundits. The novel is a must read for the present generation in a sense that what have they missed in their lives.

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Vijesh Kumar (author) from Ghotki, Pakistan on May 26, 2021:

Thank you very much for encouraging me. I m new here and expect to learn loads from this dynamic team.

Lady Dazy from UK on May 26, 2021:

Good review, I enjoyed reading it.

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