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A Train Journey: A Fantasy or a Gift from Lord Krishna


The beginning

I recollect that I boarded the Duranto from Bombay to Kolkata. These are the new nonstop trains that crisscross the country. They are luxurious and travel at considerable speed and cover a distance of almost 2000 miles inside 18 hours.

Before boarding the train I made customary visit to the Ashram on Bassein Road. and took the blessings of the Swami, the head of the Math. The Swami blessed me and said that he was very happy that I was going for a holiday to Kolkata. He also told me that the lord would ensure that I had a memorable journey. An enigmatic smile was on his face as if he was concealing a secret and I was just wondering whether the Baba had something up his sleeve that he was hiding from me..

I took a cab to the Victoria Terminus, the famous landmark train hub of western India. I told the taxi driver to stop at the side of a small temple dedicated to Lord Krishna because he's also one of the gods who I believe a lot. After paying my obeisance to the deity, I got back into the taxi, reached the station and boarded the train.

I had booked a first class seat and on boarding the train realized that i had been allotted a berth in a coupe. This surprised me and I wondered about this reservation. As the train pulled out of VT , I realized that there would be no other companion in the coupe.

I thought it best to open a bottle of Chivas Regal and pored a peg for myself and rang the bell. The attendant soon appeared and I told him to get some soda and ice for me. He also asked me whether I would like to dine in the dining car or in my cabin and I told him I'd prefer to eat in my cabin and then gave my order of chicken soup, fried fish, and Indian bread. He left and returned with the soda and ice except the food which he told me would be served at 0830 pm.

The attendant left and I poured a peg for myself and sipped the wonderful drink. Suddenly the door opened and young lady wearing a black hijab entered. I put my drink on the side table and got up and took the bag which she was carrying and pushed it under the berth.

"What happened I asked did you miss the compartment.?"

"Yes," she replied, "I got into the a S2 bogie while my boogie is S1 and as the train is inter connected I have come to this cabin; I have the Lower birth."

"Yes yes," I replied," it's all yours; I hope you don't mind me continuing with my whiskey"

"Not at all," she said and in a deft movement removed her headdress and face scarf. She shook her head and her long hair floated all around her. I was in for a bit of a shock because before me was one of the most beautiful girls I could have ever seen. She was absolutely fair with blue eyes and I was pretty sure that she must be from Kashmir.

I'm warming up now and I ask her if she would like to drink anything ,maybe a small peg of Chivas Regal.?

She shook her head and said," I don't drink but I wouldn't mind a glass of lemonade"

I press the bell and the attendant soon appears before me like a genie. I told him to arrange a lemonade for the lady. He nodded his head and left but he was very intrigued seeing her in the compartment but did not say anything.

He returned with a lemonade and and he asks her whether she would like to eat anything. She said," no."

The train had now gathered momentum and was speeding forward, The electric engine pulling the train with great power. Night had set in and the attendant returned and said , " a thunderstorm is brewing in the Ghats , but there is nothing to worry."


The tryst

The train had picked up speed, and I wondered what was happening. It did not seem to be running on rails but flying along. I put this down to an illusion created by the whiskey I was sipping. The lady looked at me smiled and said something inexplicable," you are lucky."

"Why do you say that?"

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"Because I know you will rise up to be a four-star General."

The lady did something that I wanted her to do. She got up and removed her hijab, folded it, and put it on the side. She was sitting before me, clad in a low-tied sari, with a flimsy blouse. My mind registered that there was no doubt that she was one of the most beautiful creations of God.

What was coming over me? I was captivated by her beauty; maybe I was drinking too fast because I began to feel that the train was not running on rails but flying in the air.

"Colonel," she said," do you believe in God and the Almighty?"


But at the back of my mind, I was wondering how she knew that I was a colonel.

Such thoughts were banished from my mind as her beauty and smile captivated me. She had one of the most beautiful smiles I had ever seen and as she breathed her bosom moved up and down conveying the mystery of something extremely beautiful under the blouse.

I was into my fourth peg when there was a knock on the door and the waiter ended with the food I had ordered. He put it on the side table and left with the words," sir when you finish you can put the plates outside the cabin and I'll pick them up so that I don't have to disturb you."

Suddenly there was a flash of lightning and the compartment became dark and I was wondering what had happened; why was there a power failure.

"It's dark," the lady said softly

"Don't worry the light will come on soon"

From the window, I could make out that lightning was flashing across the sky. She caught my hand as she was now sitting next to me. At that time I knew that this girl was the most desirable thing in the world. I prayed to Lord Krishna to save me from this woman but I was slightly high with the Chivas and I had a feeling that I was heading to paradise and it was beckoning me. I drank another two pegs in the darkness, pouring the whiskey more by instinct than anything else and as I tasted the brew I realized I had poured 'Patiala pegs.'.

The girl now whispered," I'm glad you are in the compartment with me otherwise I would be frightened."

As the train moved forward the flashes of lightning outside lit up the compartment. In the flashes, I could see the girl in all of her beauty. She was absolutely beautiful and a thought crossed my mind that this girl could be someone who has come from Paradise. I soon realized I was very foolish to think like that.

Suddenly there was a mega flash of thunder and from the moving train I could see that lightning has struck a tree nearby and involuntarily I pulled the girl close to me. Hedonistic desire overtook me and I began to kiss her. She did not resist and I wondered why.

And then something magical happened because the girl kissed me and that was like a catalyst and a step to hedonistic pleasure. The whiskey had its effect and I unhooked the blouse and followed up by unraveling the Sari.

I had touched other women before, but never like this. Oh, I kissed her now and she was nude and an exciting odor emanated from her. It was the scent of a woman. As I touched her, she was so smooth; so warm !

I was blinded by desire. Then the lights came on and the compartment lit up. I saw the lady, so beautiful and tender with a flurry of curls and marble-shaped thighs crowned by a slim waist

She began to shake. I supposed she was afraid. Then I began to shake, too. I forgot everything as I paid homage to the most esoteric part of her body.

“You are a pearl,” I said. “You are so white and you are my pearl.”

I continued sipping my drink even as my lips did homage to her body. I had a feeling that the train was flying in the air and here I was with one of the most beautiful creatures created by God. I tasted her and then started a hedonistic exotic delight. It was sensuality at its highest. I licked her right down from her navel to her toes and then came the culmination.


Gods gift

I do not know what happened after that because when I woke up in the morning the train was heading towards Howrah, that means Kolkata was close by. I looked around but could not see my companion and wondered where she had gone and I also wondered how come that I didn't even know her name. I pressed the bell and the attendant appeared. I asked him,"there was a lady in this compartment. did you see her go anywhere?"

He appeared perplexed and I asked him the question again. He replied softly," sir what are you talking, I haven't seen any lady. The lights did go off in the train for sometime and after that I served you food and that's all. I didn't see anybody in your compartment."

I thought for a moment and wondered that perhaps the attendant was being diplomatic so that I don't get hurt that a lady was in my compartment, so I just shrugged my shoulders and told him to go away.

I came out and had a look at the other compartments as well as the vestibule and washroom but could not see any lady. I was wondering where she could've gone because it was a nonstop train and obviously she couldn't have got off the train. Then, I thought suck me that since it was a vestibule train she could've gone from this bogey to any other boogie. I thought she was a little shy of having allowed me to have carnal knowledge of her body and had decided to go away to another bogie.

As the train moved into the Howrah station, I got out still looking for the lady in the black hijab. I couldn't see anyone and then dismissed the thought from my mind and moved out of the station..

I spent almost 2 months in Kolkata and then came back by train to Bombay as usual. There was no similar luck the second time. I went to the temple of Lord Krishna and this time it appeared to me that the Lord was smiling at me and I was wondering what was happening. The priest also came to me and said, "sir it appears you have been given a great gift by the lord."


He did not answer but left and I took the cab again to proceed to Bassein Rd. and pay my obeisance to the Swami and then fly away to Singapore where I work. The meeting at the Ashram with the Swami normally starts off after 10 PM. I reached the Ashram at 11 PM and I went inside. The swami saw me and was absolutely delighted. He looked at me and said, "Colonel, I'm glad you have come I was waiting for you."

After sometime he motioned me to come with him to do his antechamber and I went inside. He sat down on a swing and as he moved to and fro, he held out his hand. I bent forward and kissed it.

"Colonel," he said ," the lord has decided to give you a gift and you accepted it"

I was a little confused at this question and asked." Baba I could not understand your question"

The Swami smiled again said," there was a gift for you on the train."

I was perplexed what to tell the Swami. Obviously I could not tell him that I had made love to a beautiful girl who had disappeared. And yet he was talking about a gift.

The swami smiles again and said." I can understand you are greatly perplexed but remember that whatever the god gives; it is only to those who are Kshatriyas and warriors. You have met a woman in the train, she was a gift from the Lord and had come down from the court of Indra."

"What is going on Baba I don't understand, I want to meet that girl again."

" You will meet her in this life because that same girl is going to get rebirth as a princess and she will come into your life but you will have to have patience and wait "

My throat became dry and I asked "what is happening?"

"The ways of the Lord are mischievous and mysterious. You will have to accept the inevitable; The gift has been given to you and you must wait. The girl will reappear in your life, just wait." Saying this the baba mediately got up and left the room leaving in a state of confusion but very soon my mind cleared and I realized that the person whom I had met was a the celestial being sent to the earth. I was wondering when I will meet her. But but at the back of my mind was a question why was the girl wearing a hijab? Maybe the mystery will clear later on but I wanted the answer and I followed the swami and with folded hand asked him about the doubt in my mind. The swami smiled and said in the eyes of the Lord people and religions are the same and the person you will meet would be born in in nawabs family and would be a Muslim.

Who was this girl would I meet her again? I wonder and look forward to meeting her in flesh and blood. Did I? That's another story

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