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A Terrible Flood - An Apocalypse


The uneasy wait surrounded in silence; time stands still gazing the advancing doom

Fleeting looks of once great bulls turned to scurrying mice, mimicking one's routine

Accepting now that history won’t end, the apocalypse becomes a terrible flood

The clap of thunder stirs the air, breaking the silence as they come

Abandoned by all they loved facing the cataclysm all alone, unstoppable tide arrives

Torn down, ripped apart: panic, terror and despair, hope turns to fading darkness

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Bargaining any chance of life, demands worse than death they give to corruption

Surviving only in drowning deepest convictions, now at the whim of a fickle no-men

Accepting life stripped down to stone, only drudgery remains to numb the pain

Few remain to suffer, but foster hopeful legacies now entwined

Fruit will bear this grafted tree, and bare the next tide

History will not end, but repeat time after time

© 2022 August Rex

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