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A Tale of Love and Horses That May or May Not Be True

An Air Warrior and devotee of Lord Krishna has published over 120 short stories and 15 books on fiction and 4 on military history.


The beginning

Wellington in the Cooner hills is the cradle of the Officer corps of the Indian Armed Forces. Here amongst salubrious surroundings lies the Defense Services Staff College. Officers of the three arms and a host of foreign officers including the USA and France also train at this College for a course covering one academic year. Its academic pursuits for the officers, but for their wives there are a host of physical activities including riding.

Horse riding is a demanding sport and demands a high degree of physical fitness. The horse’s supplied by the Army’s Remount and Veterinary corps are of excellent pedigree. In the early eighties, the Chief Trainer was Subedar Bakhtar Singh. He was a Sikh with a trimmed beard and a tall and muscular body. He towered over all and sundry and was a perfect specimen of a fit and virile male.

The wives who volunteered for riding in one of the courses were about twenty in all. Most, if not all were in their early or late twenties. On the first day, Bakhtar Singh addressed the young equestriennes in a booming voice.

“Ladies,” he said “Riding is a tough and demanding sport, but thrilling indeed”

He paused dramatically for a moment and continued “I shall teach you all to ride, but before that, you all must get your bodies into shape for the riding lessons. Your bodies must be toned up, for you must be strong to handle a horse. Remember ladies that the riding classes start at sharp six in the morning.”

One of the wives was Usha Khanna. Her husband was a Captain and she had been married for just over a year. She was slim smart and athletic, having been a basketball player while in college. She had attained some degree of proficiency, having represented the college and her district in this game.

The ladies lined up on the first day. There were two foreign wives among them. Irene was French while Anne was a Canadian. Bakhtar put them through their paces. The exercises to begin with included jumping over small obstacles as well as bending and stretching their bodies. It was strenuous work and Usha felt the sweat trickle down to her riding breeches. She did the bending, stretching, and jumping exercises with ease. Though she was panting, yet she enjoyed the physical conditioning. But some of the obese wives found all this physical workout very difficult and lay down on the grass completely spent. Irene and Anne who had some riding experience earlier completed the routine with ease. Within a week of the lessons commencing, six of the lady wives dropped off and another two found the going so tough that they just vanished. Usha and eleven others including the foreigners were the final survivors.

After about ten days of further physical conditioning, the actual riding lessons began. The young girls soon learned to build up, saddle up, bridle up, and ride up. They also learned to mount up. “Always mount a horse from the left” Bakhtar instructed. He was a hard taskmaster and gave ladies no respite. But they were willing learners and soon learned to handle their mounts.

Bakhtar Singh again spoke to the ladies “Physical fitness is of paramount importance. Only if you are fit, can you control a horse. Also, remember that the absence of communication between horse and rider can lead to disaster."

He paused for a moment and grinned,“Let’s get cracking now”

Usha was an avid learner. She became adept in the basics of the saddle up and mounts up. She also learned to rein in, trot forward and ride up. A few days later she was able to ride the horse for short gallops. So intent was she on learning her lessons that she was almost oblivious to the going on around her. Once when mounting a black roan, she felt the trainer's muscular hands on her buttocks. She discerned a gentle squeeze but gave it no thought.

The mountains of the Nilgiris are not awe-inspiring or massive like the Himalayas, but in their own way, they are beautiful. There are glens and dales and, in the monsoon, lovely waterfalls cascade down the hill slopes. Usha learned to ride and handle a horse in these surroundings. In a few weeks, she had become adept at handling a horse.

A preordained tryst

One fine day in September she reached early. She adjusted the belt of her riding breeches and patted her horse for the day. She stretched her limbs and carried out her warmup exercises to get the blood circulating.

She picked up a saddle and tried to saddle the horse with the help of one of the grooms. Bakhtar watched everything like a hawk. The animal complied for a while and then he evaded her and galloped off to the far corner of the paddock. It took her twenty minutes to catch him. She looked at Bakthar and saw that he had a mirthful expression in his eyes. She saddled the horse and set off. She dug in her stirrups and the horse surged forward. After a few minutes of galloping around, she reached a small glen where a mountain stream flowed. She dismounted and washed her face in the flowing water and then sat on a ledge to get her breath back. The horse in the meantime grazed on the green grass.

She looked around and spied a pair of horses tethered to one of the smaller trees. Intrigued she got up and walked to the horses. She patted the horses and then saw a startling sight. Besides a large rock lay a nude Irene with a partially clad Anne. Her astonishment was complete when she saw Bakthar emerge from behind the rock. His was an awesome sight. The tall Sikh exuded masculinity rarely seen. His midriff muscles and flat stomach gave him a regal look. He looked like Zeus to her as he revealed himself to Semela, his phallus glittering in the sunlight.

Shaken by the sight she backed away and with a beating heart rode off.

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The end: the hunting ball

The next few days were not the same. She began to note a fact she had not observed earlier, that Bakhtar found her attractive. Next week he came to her and said “Madam, today I shall ride with you”

“OK,” she replied, her mind in a slight turmoil.

The two mounted their steeds and rode off. She did everything that Bakhtar had taught her. After about half an hour of rigorous riding, she felt the sweat trickle between her thighs. Her shirt and vest were drenched. She looked at Bakhtar. He did not seem tired at all, but she was panting.

“Madam,” Bakhtar grinned, “dismount and we shall have some rest here.”

She dismounted and looked around. It was a lovely place, with a large cave cut in the mountain.

“Come” Bakhtar beckoned as he led the way to the mouth of the cave. From where they stood, they could see the valley below. Low clouds floated around creating an ethereal look.

“It’s beautiful,” she said.

She was conscious of Bakhtar taking her hand and whispering,” Madam, yes, but not as beautiful as you are.”

She was expecting this. Why? She could not fathom it, but the touch of his hand conveyed his immense strength from her hand to her arm and onto her body.

“Madam,” he said “You are the loveliest of all the ladies here”

“Really? “She managed to say, her mind in a state of confusion.

Bakhtar's only action was to gather her in his arms and kiss her. It was a chaste kiss that soon turned lascivious as his tongue slithered into her mouth. She felt lifted off the ground as Bakhtar cradles her in his arms his mouth tongue glued to her. It was a kiss she would never forget as Bakhtar devoured her like a lion. She was aware of Bakhtar hovering over her as he sucks her nipples succulently.

She thought of her husband, perhaps busy in a sand model exercise as she lay on the soft grass taking in great gulps of air as the aftermath of her orgasms satiated her.

“Let’s go,” Bakhtar said.

They both mounted their steeds and rode off.

Usha reached home. Her husband met her with a smile “I have been waiting for darling… did the day go?”

He tried to gather her in his arms, but she rushed away. As she lay in bed she thought of the happenings of the day and tried to sleep.

The riding lessons were soon over and the grand finale of the season ‘The hunting ball’ approached. It’s an annual event when all the riders ride to the ball on their horses.

Usha dressed in great care for the ball. She wore black riding breeches and a pink blouse. She really looked lovely, more like a heavenly muse. Her husband hugged her “I shall await you at the club…darling” He got into his car and dropped her at the stables. Seven of the ladies decided to go on horseback. They found their steeds’ saddle and ready. Irene gushed “What fun! Riding to a ball on a horse! India is indeed a lovely place.”

As the ladies mounted the horses and rode off, Bakhtar waved to them. Being an NCO he could not attend the ball. Usha looked at him and her eyes met his. She rode away with the others. After a few minutes, she reined in her horse.

“What’s the matter?” Anne asked.

“I think my horse has injured his leg. You all go on, I shall join you shortly”

As the others cantered off, she veered her horse to the right and headed for the cave by the glen. The adrenal seemed to rush to her brain, and she felt wetness in her pants. She pulled up at the mouth of the cave.

“Bakhtar!” She shouted. Her voice echoed in the hills. Did she expect him to be there?

Then she saw him standing at the mouth of the cave as he emerged from inside. He lifted her off the saddle and carried her inside. A welcome fire burnt creating a yellow light all around. No words were spoken as he unbuckled her belly and pulled her breeches down. He stripped her completely naked and laid her on the soft earth now heated by the flames. Her body was like an incandescent flame that seemed to burn Bakhtar.

She reached the club, late by an hour.

“What happened?” her husband asked.

“Oh,” she smiled, “My horse injured himself, but he is OK now”

Irene came up to Usha. It was obvious she did not believe her. All she said was “you know what Oscar Wilde the great play writer said? The best way to conquer temptation is to give way to it.”

Usha only smiled and looked more radiant than ever.

Now many years have elapsed. Sometimes she wonders where Bakhtar is. What a rider he was of both horses and women!

© 2022 MG Singh emge

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