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A Synopsis of ‘A World Without Heroes’ by George Roche: The Best Book You’ve Never Heard Of

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The Anti-Hero

As George Roche writes in A World Without Heroes, the anti-hero operates in bad faith, twists words, assaults liberty and religion, showers contempt on America, denigrates traditional morality, denies the goodness of our history, "to make bearable his own intellectual and spiritual barrenness."

It is the work of such anti-heroes that has changed America from “a serene, joyful, proud, free nation to a vast, suffering bureaucracy, consumed by its ‘guilt.’”

The anti-heroes are lost souls, “the slavering servants of the Dark Lord, in dread of a just God.”

Our civilization cannot maintain itself when the people no longer believe in it. Moral relativism dissolves the bonds that hold together our communities.

The Anti-Hero

The Anti-Hero

'The World' Provides the Illusion

To escape our unhappiness, we sate our senses, as the world provides the illusion of happiness through sensual delights, vicarious thrills, and carnal urges. The world "flatters our vanities and feeds our lusts, to enslave us," and "pulls us into darkness,” Roche declares. “Unhappy the country that loses its moral bearings! Unhappy the many, bereft of spiritual leadership, who are doomed to cling to the self as the only reality in an unfathomable existence. Small wonder we fling ourselves on the treadmills of sensation.”

Malcolm Muggeridge wrote: "When mortal men try to live without God, they infallibly succumb to megalomania, or erotomania, or both. The raised fist or the raised phallus."

Francis Schaeffer Quote

Francis Schaeffer Quote

The Rebellion

The horrors of the 20th century show us the insanity of the socialist, atheist dream that makes a god of science and lowers man to the status of a beast. Still, the insanity persists, being indoctrinating into our children. What is the legal definition of insanity? The inability to distinguish right from wrong.

The secular humanists call for the government to solve all our problems. But they deny the only real solutions: individual responsibility, proper conduct, renunciation of sin, relationship with God.

As darkness creeps over our land, haters of wisdom take command. They spread false values, filth, and decadence. At the same time, they assault America's moral and religious foundations to destroy it from within, in what is rebellion against God, led by the Evil One and those who serve him. You can tell this by the focus of the rebellion’s fury: The Light of the World.

Fools Worship the Golden Calf

Fools Worship the Golden Calf

'The World' Laughs at the Fifties

The world laughs at the Fifties when there were no drug problems; crime was extraordinarily low, Americans were spiritual, religious, blessed, and happy. Abortion was unthinkable for most; sexual perversion was frowned upon, and hiding in the shadows where it belongs, hardly any Americans had ever seen pornography. Bastard children were unusual. Most women were virgins on their wedding nights. Families stayed together. Our schools were the best in the world. We led the world in everything under the sun. Our government was not bossing us around or spending us into oblivion. We lived sane and sensible lives. We were free.

Now we are subject to America bashers, who spend their days picking at the scabs of every past failing, real and imagined, who pour salt in our wounds and poison our atmosphere. They are, as Roche put it, those "who demand that the world pays for their personal failure." They have "decided that sin is just the thing for a more abundant life.” Whatever they preach, you can be sure it is against the Lord.



Sex is the Holy of Holies

The anti-hero seeks to "reduce his guilty feelings about his acts. He thinks history began at his birth like a child, and he cultivates scorn for the past. Like a child, he is sulky about accepting responsibility and dreams up ways to blame anybody, blame the whole world, for his own shortcomings," writes Roche.

For such people, “sex is the holy of holies. No imaginable coupling must be overlooked, much less forbidden and no orifice neglected.” Never mind the spread of lethal diseases, “Buggery and pedophilia must be counted among the new ‘rights’ the anti-hero seems to discover every day, tearing away all veils of decency” as he denies even basic good manners.

The Leader of the Left

The Leader of the Left

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Muggeridge snorts that “‘education’ today is the is the great liberal poohbah, a ‘gigantic fraud,’ at public expense, which seems almost intended to bring down civilization.

As Roche observes, "The anti-heroes have been most successful at stripping all religious content out of public education with a ludicrous interpretation of the First Amendment, which was intended to guarantee the free expression of religion," not ban it as if it were an infectious disease.

"Today, a schoolchild can join a communist club or promote homosexual activity on school grounds but cannot read the Bible there. Thus is realized a long-standing goal of the humanists, unbelievers who preach a 'religion' of Man."

Robert Maynard Hutchins wrote: “If the object of education is the improvement of man, then any system of education that is without values is a contradiction in terms. A system that denies the existence of values denies the possibility of education. Relativism and scientism have produced that chaos in education which will end in the disintegration of the West.”

If we are nothing but beasts, as the secular humanists believe, then what are schools for? Beasts cannot be educated; they can only be trained.

The results of government schools get worse every year. Twenty-three million adults can neither read nor write. The United States ranks 47th among nations in literacy. Perhaps half of our teachers cannot pass a basic competency test. We must dismantle the government schools in favor of free-market education.

A World Without Heroes

A World Without Heroes

The Unwanted

The Nazis, Soviets, and Red Chinese killed unwanted or defective people—the excuses we use to approve of murdering the unborn. Excuse me; I meant "to terminate a pregnancy."

To escape responsibility.

The progressives defend the killing of human fetuses with the same enthusiasm they express outrage at taking an eagle egg. As Roche laments: “What is most inconceivable to me about this is the appearance of women who do not, as women always have, long for a baby at their breast or the promise of grandchildren to dandle at their knee. They must have hearts of stone, preferring their own convenience, killing their unborn, instead of offering a mother’s love to a child.”

Eagle Egg vs. Unborn Baby

Eagle Egg vs. Unborn Baby

Americanism vs Leftism

America was founded on the idea that government is a necessary evil, kept at a bare minimum by the "chains of the Constitution." Maximum liberty and minimum interference in our lives, which of course requires self-control and virtuous men and women to work. Diligence, prudence, and thrift were rewarded. Today, we penalize achievement and reward the unproductive.

The true purpose of that diabolical ideology we call Socialism is "to turn envy into righteousness and justify the resentments of weaklings and failures towards the more successful men. The socialist gravitates naturally to bureaucratic or tenured academic positions, where advance is by seniority. There he can nurse his brooding grudges.”

Roche asserts, "We grab for the bait, for achievement and status unearned, for possessions without labor, for mastery without discipline, for sexual raptures on the cheap without responsibility, and happiness without giving or love."

G.K. Chesterton wrote: "Men seek stranger sins or more startling obscenities as stimulants to their jaded sense."

We have a Christian duty to expose it for what it is: the evil workings of men. We can judge ideas by their results. If the sexual revolution kept its promises, we would all be happier and healthier. Instead, it has brought decadence and misery. It lured us with sex, and all it asked for in return was our souls.

George Roche

George Roche

Godlessness Fills the Vacuum

Leftists have learned they do not need to burn history books. They rewrite them, "on the complaint that the role of women, minorities or whatever 'victim' group is politically fashionable has been downplayed by history. It is now impossible to find a public school textbook that gives an accurate account of the formative role of Christianity in American history. Even such concepts as husband, wife, and family have been carefully removed."

Secular Humanism grows like cancer if we do not cut it out. It is a parasite, "so bent on the destruction of the Christian religion that it will destroy itself and bring down the world, if it must, in the effort."

The godless spend a lot of time and energy making sure no tiny hamlet anywhere in our vast land has a crèche on public land. What is it about the baby Jesus they find so offensive that to see Him drives them mad?

The Supreme Court made a grave error, but an intentional one, when it elevated Atheism to the level of Christianity by fiat. By this ruling, the godless have not only driven God out of the government schools, but they also work diligently to drive Him out of public life and Atheism rules where God has been driven out. The vast majority of parents did not want to fund schools that teach an anti-Christian ideology. Still, they are forced to by taxation, which is so high most do not have enough left to send their children to a decent school.

The anti-Americans who loath their own country have been at it quite a while. Those in academia and the media used to write of the Soviet Union as America’s moral equal. It is outrageous to consider a murderous, totalitarian nightmare similar morally to the greatest and most generous country ever. To do so is to deceive by presenting a false reality. It is to lie.

Oppressed vs. Privileged

Oppressed vs. Privileged

Beware the Utopian

Chesterton pronounced that the godless “introduce their horrible heresies under new and carefully complimentary names. But beware of every euphemism. Every one is used in favor of bad morals. When someone wishes to wage a social war against what all normal people have regarded as social decency, the first thing he does is find some artificial term that shall sound relatively decent.” So, whoring around becomes ‘sexually active’ and unnatural affections become ‘gay.’ The Devil also uses ‘dysphemisms,’ such as ‘racism’ ‘sexism’ ‘homophobe’ ‘bigot.’

Beware the Left and its schemes to engineer a new utopia. They create bloodbaths and enslavement instead. Even when they don't, they do much harm. Take the Great Society of President Johnson: “We are going to try to take all the money from the ‘haves’ and give it to the ‘have-nots’.”

So, taxpayers spent trillions of dollars. The result is not less poverty but a new permanent welfare-dependent class never seen before in human history: generations of people who proudly live off others’ labors. The insidious byproduct is that the federal government has become ten times larger in what Roche calls “insane centralization, this reckless overthrow of the American constitutional heritage.”

All utopian schemes are built on hatred. The object of this hatred is those who stand out by their own efforts; those with superior achievements, be they individuals or groups; those who do most to supply our wants and needs; the ‘bourgeois,’ the ‘capitalist,’ the morally good, the innocent. Meanwhile, the utopian preens about how caring and compassionate he was with other people’s money.

The order of the day is a great leveling project, which begins in government schools, where instruction is reduced to the capabilities of the dullest student, and the best and brightest are thwarted and bored to tears.

Wise Man Goes to the Right; Foolish Man Goes to the Left

Wise Man Goes to the Right; Foolish Man Goes to the Left

Lovable Losers

The Left expresses contempt for the normal, the sane, and the traditional while glorifying the weird, the bizarre, and the losers. The excuse used is that each individual and each group was equal in every way on the day of birth, so if their results in life are not identical, the winners must have cheated, and the failures must have been cheated. All success is tainted, as in "You didn't build that." But the productive do not steal from the poor; they provide them with employment and goods and services they want and need.

Victimology is the euphemism used by the Left to hunt down every loser in our society and label him a ‘victim of oppression’ that needs a leftist champion to shower them with government goodies and privileges. No actual oppression needs to be proved. The bill is charged to that horrible oppressor: the U. S. taxpayer. And the leftist will, of course, draw a handsome salary for destroying his society, also from the taxpayers, either directly as a bureaucrat or indirectly through government grants or contracts.

Every idler, oddball, and deviant must be lionized. As George Roche notes, “Groups whose only claim to victim status is how freakish, self-destructive or socially poisonous they are, come in for the same sort of coddling.” Even “the unalienable rights of pederasts” are fought for by “a national organization claiming it is just wonderful for them to commit sodomy on other people’s children, and that it is good for the children.”

The sophists indoctrinate the young that if others are more successful, you have been wronged. The wronged should then act like a spoiled child and stew in his resentments. The next step is to vote for leftist politicians who will confiscate money from other people for him out of sympathy for the flop and the fool. Crime grows out of this same ideology because they have been taught that it is only fair to help themselves to other people's property through welfare programs. Why not just take it yourself?

Sin Rebels Against God

Sin Rebels Against God

The Devil’s Matrix vs America the Beautiful

The Devils Matrix, in which our country is now immersed, has turned morals and values upside down. Those without scales on their eyes can see the fruit it produces is rotten. This means its source is evil. It hides knowledge, scoffs at wisdom, looks for innocents to despoil, revels in filth, makes grotesque art, dumbs down our children, uses language to pervert, feeds on our darker urges, plays on our pride, envy, and covetousness. It makes war on the good, the true, the honorable.

George Roche had a message for America-haters: "The American Revolution was a rebellion against excessive governmental authority and an affirmation of the moral worth and self-reliance of the individual person. It extended liberty beyond the dreams of the Old World. The new government was a piddling affair that minded its own business, kept its books in the black without income taxes, avoided foreign entanglements, and only issued gold and silver money. America unleashed the energy of free men who crossed and tamed a continent in a century: an explosion of inventiveness, dynamism, and construction such as the world had never seen. Liberty is moral in nature, and the American pioneers brought their churches to every hamlet and outpost in the land.”

American Flag at Sunset

American Flag at Sunset

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