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A Summary of Mark Twain's "Two Views of the Mississippi"

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In "Two Views of the Mississippi" by Mark Twain, the author recounts his ability to recognize and appreciate beauty in his surroundings early in his career as a steamboat pilot on the Mississippi River, in contrast to his perceptions later in life. He recalls a specific sunset journey where he is able to revel in the brilliance of the river surrounding him, taking note of the small details including the distant golden glow of the water; the simple, yet remarkable passing singularities; and the darkened, crowded shore. Later, he reflects on how his internal dialogue would differ if he were to experience that same voyage again many years later. The beauty he so easily appreciated in his novice years, would most likely go unnoticed; instead, the sum total of his experience and wealth of knowledge would shed a new light on the meanings of the individual spectacles, causing him to understand them in a more practical way; as warnings of the dangers ahead. He likened this shift in mentality to what he believes a medical doctor must experience when examining the human body. After awhile, he assumes that a doctor would be unable to appreciate the body's separate enchanting characteristics, and instead only see markers pointing to the eventual "decay'' the form is destined to. In his conclusion, Mark Twain questions whether the knowledge accumulated in the practice of a profession is worth the loss of being able to cherish the artistry and poetic wonders in our lives.


student #2 on January 09, 2017:

For real tho ,this helped me a lot

A Student on October 16, 2012:

I meant shut the writer Mark Twain. Not the person who write this summery. I copy this summary to give my teacher, if he find out I copied it from here, I won't care because it was amazing confusing article.

A Student on October 16, 2012:

Shut the writer. I forget my English after I read this article.

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Felina Margetty from New York, New York on May 19, 2012:

Wow I am flabbergasted at the simplicity of your prose. This extremely succinct description of such a complex philosophical treatise does the author justice and reminds me of why I love Twains work. Thank you for this one I will read some of your other pieces. Cheers F.

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