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A Song: It’s Love Now, Yesterday and Tomorrow


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Composer’s Foreword

I do not know how to put my composed words into tonic solfa format but having learnt however remotely how to compose songs using local Yoruba format, I decide to come with a work around on how to make my songs internationally acceptable.

But I am not mimicking any hymn in this composition, I have recorded the Tune received on Video, posted to YouTube, and would share here, trusting that some good musicians would modify the tune and perhaps the wordings of the song for the benefit of Humanity and the proclamation of the gospel.

Having said this, I sincerely invite you to join me in singing this newly composed song, because I know music yea songs is one of the things that makes heart merry lifting hearts out of the cauldron of darkness that the enemies may have subjected people to and draws heart closer to God and his blessings.

Praying, hoping and trusting that you will be blessed with the song as you sing along with me and if you do not know the tune, I sincerely trust that God will bless your hearts, homes and all that is yours as you read the wordings of the newly composed song.

“It is being recorded and the link from the YouTube is shared here for easy grasps and needful modifications.”

A Song: It's Love Now, Yesterday and Tomorrow

"Lover" - Taylor Swift

The Composed Song


It’s love now, y’sterday an’ morrow

Till eternity, honey I ‘ll love thee

‘Cause when I found none

You ‘re there for me



You ‘re my sun during the daytime

You ‘re my moon yea at night

With thee my love I find

Uncommon rest



You ‘re my star, my Only Star

Beautifying yea my world

My Pride and my Love

You ‘re always’ in my heart



You ‘re my Angel, my Only One

I cannot live a second without you

‘Cause you ‘re my source

Of inspiration



Every time I love you

Every day, I feel you,

Your love makes me unbreakable

And unshakable



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