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A Reflection on Depression (a Poem)

Charles is Section Chief at a psychiatric hospital and a lover of all things adventure. He is glad to be alive and can't wait for tomorrow!




The Dark. It has come. Washing away the light like the closing of a curtain. The sun that washed my face is gone, erased, replaced, by the ever black Dark. Relentless, pressing, choking, squeezing my last breath, dragging me away, down. The Dark. Begging me to sleep, come to me, feel me, breathe me, take me inside. I do. Gasping, Dreams, Nightmares. I scream. Awake, Dark, empty inside. Please, let me sleep. The shiny veneer peeled away reveals, The Dark. Rotting, Festering, Alone. This smile is for you, them, the world. I'm fine. I am not. I live. For what? A bigger purpose? A greater cause? I hope. I wish. I dream. For's Dark.


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