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A Single Face

Jody R. LaGreca is the author of twelve novels. Her books with Simon & Schuster are "Forever In Vein", "Love Edward" and " Bloodless"series.

Face Of The Soul


Into this world we trudge alone,

Thrown into the pond of life,

As a single stone.

Laden with the weight of all ages,

For which we shall bemoan.

We travel weary to the breast,

Fountain of life, spewed

Nourished with nature’s best.

Weaned into a world unsure,

Where each shall face their test.

Headstone against the wave

Immersed within the pond

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Wherein, easier to sink than save.

We shall repent with the remorse

Which our forefathers gave.

We shall suffer their tears,

As we dry our own.

For their sorrow is our life,

Their single hope to atone.

Blessed beside the bounty of grace

Where each reflection is a single face.

By Jody R. LaGreca

© 2014 Jody R LaGreca


Jody R LaGreca (author) from New York, New York on June 25, 2014:

Tharman, Thank you for your nice comment!

Tharman7 on June 18, 2014:

There is true to this poem mixed with sorrow beautifully done!

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