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A Review of The Plot Against the King by Kash Patel

Willow is an observer of American politics, a conservative and an avid researcher of non mainstream media sources.

The Plot Against the King


When Truth has to be Spoon-Fed

How do you get a true life story in front of the masses without using the mainstream media? You write a children's book! Kash Patel's book about what really happened behind the scenes exposes the truth of events before and during Trump's presidency in a comprehensive overview that was never accurately represented by the media. Now that only six companies control 90% of media outlets, the United States is currently the country where your guilt or innocence lies in the indictment of the mainstream media and the political talking heads. Truth seekers did not blindly believe the mainstream media's version of events, so behind the scenes, but unfortunately well after the damage was done, the truth was slowly exposed. Now Kash brings us that truth in an easy to digest format.

The smartest thing about writing a children's book is that you effectively double your audience. People who care about children and what they consume will always read a book before giving it to a child. Thus, you get adults to read it too. Couple that idea with the fact that Trump haters will buy it just to scrutize and ridicule it, you end up with a bestseller, and a large crossection of the public is exposed to the truth they may have never otherwise heard. And, of course, children benefit because confusing themes are made plain and easy to understand. Heck, even a liberal can understand this book.

Book Summary

The Plot Against the King was written to tell the story of the investigation into the origins of the Steele Dossier and the allegations against Trump of Russian collusion.

The author, Kash Patel is the central figure of the story, known as Kash the Distinguished Discoverer. In real life, Kash Patel was the Former Chief of Staff to the Secretary of Defense and before that served as the Deputy Assistant to the President and was the Senior Director for Counterterrorism (CT) at the National Security Council (NSC). He is a guy in the know.

In this book, Kash simplifies the story of how the Steele Dossier was introduced to the public and the ensuing investigation spearheaded by Duke Devin (Devin Nunes, the Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence) where they were able to prove that the Steele Dossier was not only fake, but also paid for by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee, promoted by James Comey through the FBI and perpetuated by Adam Schiff through the use of the "heralds" (mainstream media outlets).

Colorful Artwork - Good Story Flow

The whole book is decorated with colorful full page illustrations with lots of thoughtful details. The artwork done by Laura Vincent is visually pleasing and captures movement and emotion well. The kingdom theme is well crafted and easy to follow while trying to give a thorough but simplified represention of real life events. I greatly enjoyed each page of the book and how the story was creatively presented for a young audience. Since I do follow conservative politics (and not just the mainstream media) I was already aware of "the plot" and very happy with the way the story was presented.

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Cast of Characters and Places

The substitute names and places in this book are smart and simple, yet obviously point to their real-life counterparts. Some names are slightly mocking, a nod to Trump's style of nicknaming people by their most obvious character trait, but also give the reader a hint to the character's intentions. (Which is why Trump gives them nicknames in the first place.) Also, the colors used on the characters' outfits mimic real life colors used to denote the political parties; Hillary is dressed in blue, while Trump's outfits are red.

America is called "Land of the Free". Russians are "Russionians". MAGA is changed to "Make the Kingdom Great Again (MKGA). Media representatives are "heralds" and in some scenes are even holding banners showing the names of the New York Times, CNN, and the Post. Election Day is called "Choosing Day". Election workers and officials are dubbed "royal counter-uppers". Hillary Clinton is "Hillary Queenton". Donal Trump is called "merchant Donald" before he takes office and "King Donald" afterward.

The White House is referred to as the "castle". Adam Schiff is known as a "shifty knight". Devin Nunes is "Duke Devin". The investigation is called "The Quest for the Truth about the Plot against the King". James Comey is "Keeper Komey" the keeper of the "slugs" who are dirty FBI agents. The "steel box" in the story is the equivalent of the Steele Dossier with the "Swirly Tower Tavern" and "cherry ginger ale" being loose examples of some of the lies contained in it.

My personal favorite psuedonym in the whole book is "choosing day". This is exactly what we citizens are doing on Election day; choosing our next government representatives, and is a very accurate distillation of that concept for young readers.

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Obviously this book is written with a Conservative and Republican bent. The goal was to present a true story that was not only ignored, but misrepresented and lied about in the mainstream media, and Kash nailed it. I have read other reviews of this book that attack it as Republican propaganda. Republicans can well say the same about the mainstream media's highly public and false version of events. There are always two sides of a story, this is the other side that was never told by them. And in an era where liberals are filling childrens' heads with "woke" ideas that are clearly age-inappropriate with sexual and anti-American communist themes, this book is a refreshing take on reality, and could even be considered a children's version of a history book.

There is a line near the end of the book where Kash's character says "Now that you know more of the facts, it's time for you to think carefully and decide what you think of the king. Don't just trust the person with the loudest trumpet." Clearly advice that is appropriate at any age.

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