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A Review of 'Blossoms of The Heart', by Manatita

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

Manatita Hutchinson

Manatita Hutchinson


This collection of sonnets, odes and free verse, reaches into worlds of pure and uplifting emotions that much modern poetry shies away from. Reading these words is refreshing, inspiring and also poignant, as the poet reveals his inner experience of beauty and bliss on the one hand, and the sweet sadness of unfulfilled longings on the other.

In terms of form, the sonnet is a timeless structure that gives the poet space to develop a theme, but forces them to strive to freeze a moment, or encapsulate a feeling, in just a few words. This is the very essence of poetry, taking us immediately to a place that a prose writer would need many pages and countless words to lead us to.

The everyday and the transcendent live side by side in these verses; the description of a “magical concerto” of birdsong leaps in the next few lines to the unfolding “aura of the cosmos”, while doves and butterflies form a “Temple of Love Divine.”

The common themes are the poet’s ecstasy and intoxication when attuned to nature’s beauty, the longing and unrequited love of the seeker separated from the object of his quest, the transformative nature of light and sound as revelations of spiritual truth and the thrill of encountering the powerful immanence of the spiritual within the commonplace and the mundane.

If you share my longing for poetry that reaches beyond the usual fare of pain and politics, worldly struggles and sentimentality, then do dive into the poetic world of Blossoms of the Heart. This is timeless poetry, accessible to anyone and enjoyable to read. Here there is no test, no obscure challenge thrown down by a modernist daring us to fathom their impenetrable symbolism.

This is just poetry, pure and simple, beautiful, and profound. Maybe this is just what the world needs, to go beyond its confused, collective mind and find once again its true, universal Heart.” – Garga Chamberlain, Poet.

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Front cover of Blossoms of The Heart

Cover of Blossoms of the Heart

Cover of Blossoms of the Heart

Manatita's poems have been written over a period of several years, covering a vast array of styles and themes. Although they include performance and motivational pieces, his preference is generally for the aesthetic, ethereal and meta-physical Genre. This is because he sees himself, as a servant of Love.

He writes to inspire, to awaken, to elevate, to illumine … to reach the Heart … that part of the human psyche, which has great potential to be receptive, to the Higher Light of Spirit. There is about 130 specially chosen poems, in the body of this work: Sonnets, Sonnet-Odes, Odes, Free Verse Sonnets and Free Verse, from a range of 2,000 plus poems.

Manatita writes poetry, using only about six key words, from which everything else flows: nature, beauty, light, cadence (rhythm, tempo), music and Love. Add to these, a tapestry of colours, of images and forms …a kaleidoscope of sublime and lofty subtleties, tugging at moons and stars; sunrise and sunsets, to inspire and evoke the stillness of the soul.

It is my fervent hope that these poems presented to you, will lift your Hearts and minds, taking you – according to receptivity – to that sweet inner Silence, where the Spirit is nourished and the mind at Peace.

Finally, note that there are times when I would deliberately capitalise certain letters, such as ‘L’ in Love, or ‘P’ as in Peace, for greater spiritual emphasis. In the same breath, when I say, ‘You,’ I am speaking of the Absolute and self-transcending Reality. Om Shanti

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Manatita's book is on sale and you can pre-order from him via the hubpages email or His facebook handle is @manatita hutchinson

Sonnets, free verse Sonnets and free verse

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