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A Reality


A moves to a reality
Was a rhythm everyone can see
But why does it hurt things
Even you think you don't deserve it

It's so unfair
Even you try to repair
A thousand heartaches
What you gain is just a heart break

I better hide
All the sad feelings inside
I can't keep them look at me bad
All I do is try to understand

I need a deep breath
A rest where I can't vain
No it's not to be dead
But simple breath into my bed

What I can do?
To fulfill my pure
A play for a fool
I choose to go to the rule

But choose to do
All the things I can for cure
All the sadness is pure
I know I can be happy in many ways

I still in my way
I can step back but not give in
I might keep to fit the crowd
A reality that gave me time


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© 2020 Xalice

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