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A Rainy Day and Some of My Special Feelings

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Enjoying the rain drops over hands

Enjoying the rain drops over hands

Shower in the rain

Shower in the rain

Tea time beside the rain

Tea time beside the rain

Special rainy day khichuri

Special rainy day khichuri

A Rainy Day and Some of My Special Feelings

It will be hard to complete all of my sentiment with rain. I will just cover the maximum part. I am always in love with rain.

A Rain washes away all dirt from the environment, purifies the world, brings a new fragrance to the earth and refreshes our mind as well.

How the rain water is useful for our body?

Actually, it contains alkaline pH, which has detoxifying effects and also promotes a better digestion. The toxins and free radicals we ingest and absorb every day make our blood more acidic. The alkaline pH of rain water helps to neutralize our blood pH, which helps to make our body function in a more efficient manner. This is how the rain water is healthy for our health.

From my very childhood, I was amazed by rain. Raining time was just like a blessing for me. Whenever it was early morning and we saw rain had been started we were just jumping with happiness to think that we were not gonna attend the school due to rain. It was not that I went to sleep again, but an immense pleasure used to grab me to get an unexpected holiday. Usually, I used to start watching cartoons as I was very young at that time. Every day I had been watched cartoons but this rainy day’s cartoons were just little more special to me even though they were the same ones.

Sometimes, we cousins went to the rooftop to take shower under the rain. It was just huge fun. This childhood memory still cherishes and delights my mind inside.

Slowly, I grew bigger and taking the flavor of rain got changed. I started to enjoy the rain drops sitting beside a window, having a story book and a cup of tea or coffee. “Oh! How wonderful those times really were.” I used to move my hands outside the window and touched the drops. Sometimes I sparked those drops to my face. Doing all these, my cup of coffee got cold. Then, I took the cold coffee and started enjoying my story book. I wished to get wet in the rain but it was not possible at that time. So, I just imagined like get wetting and smiling inside. I used to look at the sky and thought like why the sky was crying? Why it was sad? Being sad it was making me happy. Was I really someone very selfish? I was just in a deep illusion. I tried to write some poems but I failed. “It’s OK, not everyone will be a poet.” I used to make my mind acknowledged about my failure.

Our rainy day’s food items were different than other days. We used to have special khichuri (yellow rice with lentil), egg fries, potato fries, spicy eggplant, pickles and salad. It seemed our celebration was just incomplete without these particular types of food items. We had cousin get together and enjoyment of these food items. Writing all this water is just coming to mouth. “Oh! What lovely days those really were.”

Rainy days always gift us a different looks of nature. Nature throws a splendid beauty before us that entertain our mind and soul. Trees, leaves and flowers all looked refreshed. It seems the nature itself forget all of its sadness. Personally, I used to forget some of my silly sadness when it rained. The drops of rain just took away all of anxieties, stresses and depression from my mind. You may think “Is it really possible? I will strongly answer yes; for sure it is, especially for me.”

As of today life is getting busier. There are huge responsibilities. May be not always I could able to celebrate rainy days, but the memories I had, I always remember and share with my husband. The energy I got from a showery day, it really helped me to be energetic to move on for the next day. Our life is always stressful. Career, parenting, household works, all makes us bored. It may not possible to get time for travelling always. Thus, why don’t we celebrate a rainy day whenever it will be possible? Why don’t we make ourselves some relief from monotonous routine bound life just by enjoying a special day which is a gift of nature?

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Benazir Marjan (author) from Dhaka on November 27, 2020:

Yes vanita thakkar I alyz feel nostalgic when it rains.It seems my childhood comes back. Thank you very much for yr feedback.

Vanita Thakkar on November 27, 2020:

Very beautiful feel of love for rains is there in this article. You also explored the scientific reasoning. However, pollution has marred the natural goodness of this wonderful natural process at many places these days.

I too love rains. They have a refreshing, soothing, pacifying effect all around that incites joy and creativity. You reminded me of my memories of rainy days ....

Love and best wishes to you.

Benazir Marjan (author) from Dhaka on November 27, 2020:

Thank you so much dear for yr feedback . Thanks a lot.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on November 27, 2020:

I enjoyed reading about your love for rain.

Most people find it odd that I don't mind walking in the least if it's not pouring down.

There is a gentle peacefulness in raindrops.

It makes you feel alive.

Have a great day.

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