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A Practical Application


The acronym (APP) stands for Advanced Practice Provider used in many instances for application program’, as opposed to a systems program. Repentance is the advanced practice provider used alongside salvation. Salvation is the bigger program or system of programs. Systems consisting of principles as well as practices to complete the working out of salvation. Salvation is a journey that requires much in order to travel from glory to glory and faith to faith and to move towards the most holy faith, only repentance can help to understand the route to its completion. Forgiveness provides what repentance cannot, repentance cannot give forgiveness, only forgiveness is authorized to forgive, and repentance is another application needed to communicate and be heard correctly, without dismissing and ignoring issues that assist in acquiring virtuous conduct and behavior to improve and correct character flaws and frailties.

Children are given this kindness of forgiveness, because they have so much to learn within a time frame for the purpose intended to make it to and through teens and adulthood safely, and successfully. Respect for boundaries they must learn. Adulthood articulates that maturity should have manifested during the developmental stages, it is a process, from childhood into adolescence there is a process going on, preparing for the transition accordingly. Maturity should have evident features that affirm the process is in compliance with all the laws that govern nature. Children have to sense their way through such chaos which hurts and harms identity. All parents have been the same age as their children before, yet their account of things for the age entered by the child is missing. There may be pictures but communication of their experience at the age that you have been is not present. If I had not experienced or endured childhood and adulthood for myself, I would not have been aware that the adults had ever been my age.

Adulthood challenges can even pave the way to regression, or handling adult matters like a child and not from an adult perspective. There are many role experiences that can be accessed in determining how to respond, it is accessing the correct response that matters. Each victory will assist in winning the next one. The world and its system are crying for maturity to be manifest everywhere and in every matter, for less intervention from others and more self control. All one can do is the best that they can, even when it seems that it is not enough.

Repentance is an application that can only be opened by the individual form interested in its use. You must desire to repent to accomplish it, it is a choice only my breath can give the authority to the word repent, to be active and not passive. It is interesting how technology can tie in with figurative things. Figurative is merely correctly figuring things out both complex and simple. In today’s technological world, it is elemental to obtain a username to access any website.

The username identifies who is using the system at that particular location. The username can be used by someone else, but the user must grant that permission. In private use one can be allowed to use a computer that belongs to someone else, but the intent of the owner is for private use, unlike businesses which the use is on a broader spectrum, nevertheless usernames are also needed. In business everything done under the users names will go into an activity log for that individual, be it the user of the program for right or wrong. The program measures will determine good and bad or correct usage of all data entered and the username will be responsible accordingly.

In order to halt the sin of the fathers and mothers from being carried onto the children, one must open the application of repentance for self, and do it, not just hear it, and deceive oneself. Do you think it is affordable to realize that the generation before you made all kinds of errors and committed all kinds of sin and you as an individual can afford not to repent, they may or may not have, and are fallen asleep. The sins rushed into this generation like a mighty flood that only the Spirit could raise the standard, to repent and having done all to stand, stand therefore, leaning not to one's own understanding but, ascertaining that we are not left comfortless in understanding.

Isaiah 11:2-4

And the spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord;

And shall make him of quick understanding in the fear of the Lord: and he shall not judge after the sight of his eyes, neither reprove after the hearing of his ears:

But with righteousness shall he judge the poor, and reprove with equity for the meek of the earth: and he shall smite the earth: with the rod of his mouth, and with the breath of his lips shall he slay the wicked.

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In addition, to a username, a password is also needed. Passwords are confidential for access and allow passage to the user only. The username may not identify a user by given name but rather an alias or e-mail address but the account generally is established by and for the given name if correct information is being used. Repentance is an application only I can apply my breath inspired by the word repent and its definition and resist anything that opposes. I can't repent for you and you can’t repent for me. Breath has been allocated per form, try breathing for another, it can’t be done but via an oxygen tank or ventilator, physically speaking. It is breath that projects words through the mouth to form a speech pattern.

1 Corinthians 15:33 - Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.

Communications are vital and are capable of affecting good manners for goodness sake, or can corrupt good manners with deception towards evil. Evil communications are due to the information and input through the ear gate. Respectful words stop at the entry of the ear seeking permission to enter in order to be heard. All words vie for attention and demand to be heard, because no voice is without significance, but to the hearer.

Inspiration comes through the Word which empowers the hearer (being) to do or perform it, not to merely mentally ascend to it, this state reminds me of the word “Selah” in Scriptures. The question of what Selah means has been debated for centuries. Many have suggested that it means, "to pause, or to reflect", and this explanation makes sense based on the context. First one would have to consider or think about words before speaking them, it is a correct endeavor.

Sensuality is a misunderstood or carried away captive term, when the senses are needed for normal and natural events, more than for lustful practices. Senses we must use every day and night, which are inoperative without the ability to breathe, what can be done without breathing on the earth? I have an operating system that relies or is dependent on the ability to breathe, the high calling requires that breath to repent, it calls to repentance as a final call to and through my being.

First, I must have a working idea along with clarity of what the ideology of repentance entails. What does it mean to repent? The premise of the New Testament is that it was translated from Greek, so I will use the information from that source. It is to think differently or afterwards, that is, reconsider (morally to feel compunction): - The Greek word that was translated as repent or some form of repentance, the one reference is metanoeō. Repent is what is meant by confessing with your mouth and believing with your heart, for out of your heart flows the issues or fruits of life that should meet with repentance for change and correction because sin and unrepentance has marred the countenance of all words. Words need cleansing to assist in the true purpose of communication.

What does it mean to repent? Why should I repent? When do I repent? How do I repent? All of these questions can only be answered by doing it, setting it in motion, opening the application. The decision to do it affords me the opportunity to open the application and to enter into a path of maturity, responsibility, and accountability for all of my intentions, motives, desires, emotions, Imaginations, thoughts, words, and deeds. It is a higher calling of self to respond to self honesty and integrity in order to balance the weight of my character and that I am not uncomfortable in my own presence before I think of going in anyone else’s presence. If I offend me, and just want forgiveness, what do I want it for to continue to offend me and give myself more opportunities to do so, until I offend others. There has to be a reckoning which must begin and for me it is the place I go to repent and rebuke me.

There are many applications used with and in faith. Love is an application which one must open to all by just loving, I love you take time depending on the needs of others, I love is something that I do because my app is open and is not dependent upon specification of who I love, just loving is easier. Faith is an application that I have already opened and it stays open, the use of repentance is no different, it is just that no-one can assist in how to use it but you, it is a private application. The danger of the soul and life is the only concern or reason to express it outward. It is not taught that we should repent each time we pray, because forgiveness is what the sanctity for prayer allows. Maturity in prayer makes a greater demand for what must be addressed by correction, or at least marking it for correction, or the issue is put in the sleep mode with the hope to address it later, but, now faith is. Simultaneously to the realization of a sin or error there should be at least a realization of the wrong and the right necessary towards correction in thinking even when the action desired has not yet manifested.

It depends on the value placed on, in and through the practice of repentance for the soul to recognize and then generate its worth for being. If the soul and mind deem it unimportant as a practice, then unimportant it will stay. The fallen soul has experienced too much tragedy and trauma not to come to the cleansing station of repentance to find the rest it needs and deserves. Soul deserves the chance to thrive, it is too valuable to lose, repentance can assist in the soul rising correctly. Bring it first and meet with repentance and be remitted of sin. Oh the joy of one who has accepted the diagnosis of cancer, when they are told it is in remission. They are not told the cancer will not return, but that it is remitted or cancelled at that very moment. Faith means I don’t know about tomorrow, because I am alive, and breathing today, and tomorrow is such a distance from where I am now, when and if it comes for me, I will have to cross that bridge when I get to it. However, I do hope tomorrow will be merciful and include me.

If only this correction could show up before the incident to avoid pain. This attitude is retrospective and it doesn’t reflect mature thinking. Because corrections can show up before an incident with understanding the matter with reasoning.

The APP acronym used in technology (Advanced Practice Provider), repentance is the advanced practice provided to enter salvation, before, during and after. There is no expiration date for applying correction and changing the mind, we understand it as renewing the mind. Opening an app on the computer requires the link to be clicked to open it in order to be navigated to the site where the information being sought is located or found. Repentance leads to the revelation needed for self to walk in the way of correction or to understand the correct way to proceed.

There is much static and noise concerning salvation that one must hear and witness, but, the best way to go is to take the road less traveled, because Broadway is too busy and noisy, repentance is a quiet place of serenity and peace. Intercessors should realize that the cares upon their shoulders, for all who you carry in and out of prayer is heavy and carrying that heavy load requires a refresher and cleanser, and do not think there is not contamination that only repentance can settle, remember you are making supplications for the saved, unsaved, and even backsliders. Open the APP before fatigue and weariness consumes even that reserved strength. Beloved, be encouraged!

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