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A Poem: Games People Play

Demas is of the opinion that a good sense of humor, mixed with an open cheerfulness, is enough to make an introvert into an extrovert.


Games People Play

There are games people play,

Cribbage being one.

For its "perfect score"" of 29, luck is involved.

(It happens only once in every 200 thousand or more times!)

There are many other games grown people play.

The greatest and strangest is how some play at love.

Love is even used in scoring at the game of tennis.

In tennis, "love" means nothing.

For those who think that love is only a game,

it means "nothing" to them, also.

For, truth be told, God is love.

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When humans play at love, they deny the very essence of God.

God, who gives free agency to all,

also give the gift of His love to all.

Yes, play at other games such as Cribbage.

Playing at love, makes the chances of finding true and lasting love

more rare than having the perfect Cribbage hand.

A word of advice: don't wait until you are 29.

Become a person willing to acknowledge God's love for you,

and acknowledge the perfect love you are seeking from among

the others who are also worthy of your love.


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© 2022 Demas W Jasper

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