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A Poem "Togetherness"

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It doesn't matter

whether a man, a woman, or a child

we are programmed to be together.

Oh, yes there are hermits

very few and the homeless, too,

but even the homeless crave others nearby and a home.

I love fishing

it can be a solitary sport

but soft spoken companionship adds so much more than just the "big one" that got away.

Fans crowd the stadiums today

expensive tickets to cheer their team

when staying home has a better TV view.

Two-man foxholes

so common in past wars

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were not just for safety but served an even greater need.

No one needs to marry

but couples still do

seeking a permanent companion though marriages fall through.

A long drive alone

to some place we need to go

the miles go by much better when with a person we know.

Poor Old Santa

his yearly rounds to make

how much better, if only Mrs. Santa he would take.

As far as you and I

I can't be really sure

but life seems so much less challenging, when true friendships endure.


© 2021 Demas W Jasper

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