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A Poem: Making The Most

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Making the most...

Some days when we "make the most" we find they cost the least.

Some days when we "make the most" we find they cost the least.

"Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

"Making the most" is an odd expression, but one worth pondering.

What will you do to "make the most" of today?

Thinking.only in a business sense, I suppose that equates to profiting.

But there are many different ways to profit from a new day.

Sometimes it is what we give, not what we get, that "profits" us the most.

"Making the most" can actually mean spending the most.

What will we spend most of this new day doing?

We can be selfish and spend it mostly devoted to ourselves.

One holy scripture admonishes us not to gain the whole world,

only to lose our own soul.

Another urges us to have our rewards in heaven where

neither moth nor rust can spoil them.

Pondering what we can give to "make the most" of today,

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is an investment of time toward fashioning the good result.

Last night, while looking ourselves in the mirror,

and summing up the results of yesterday,

the negatives and positives gave us a total score.

Improving on that score today may require some changes.

Given the chance, when we know our mortal journey

is coming to a close at the end of some other day,

we are likely to ponder what we really made the most of.

We cannot "make the most" of days already passed.

We can "make the most" of the days we have yet to live.

That journey begins with our pondering today,

and what that pondering leads us to do,

to make the very most of today.


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