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A Poem: Gone Fishing

Speech is silver, and sometimes silence is golden,

Speech is silver, and sometimes silence is golden,

Who gets the first bite?

There are days like the day my dad said, "Get up.

We are going to have a great day fishing."

Now you don't have to be a fisherman long.

to know that even praying will not assure "a great day fishing."

No matter which side of the boat you fish on.

I thought a moment or two about what Dad had said.

Then I replied, "No, you are not going to have a great day fishing.

I am going to sleep some more, then I'll go down to the boathouse

and fish for suckers."

I did just that. I ate a cold breakfast which was left for me,

by my dad and Uncle Walter, and I went fishing at the boathouse.

I had just started fishing, when my dad and uncle joined me.

They didn't want to fish for suckers.

What they wanted to know was how I knew they would not have

"a great day fishing".

In fact, my dad said he had never had a worse day "fishing".

They had carried everything from the cabin down to the boat.

Everything being a day's supply for fishing on the lake.

They had balanced the boat, rented a motor, and ventured onto the lake.

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The motor died. Their efforts to get it to work were to no avail.

They never put a line in the water, but rowed back to rent another motor.

By the time they rowed back, the available motors had all been rented.

They unloaded the boat and carried everything up the hill to the cabin.

They found me where I had said I would

Yes, I did catch a sucker, but they wished they had gone back to sleep, too.

What caused me to turn down "a great day fishing"

and to be inspired to "know" so clearly that my dad was wrong that morning?

I have to admit that such precognition was not just that once.

If my dad was still alive, we could chuckle over such instances.

An old fishing song that a broadcaster used those many years ago,

has these words as I remember them

"Gone fishin'. Hung a sign upon my door

Gone fishin'. John ain't here at home no more.

Took my dog and took my pole.

Gone down to the old fishin' hole.

Gone fishin', instead of just a wishin'."*

There are at least two lessons I learned that day.

Follow your inspiration is one.

And enjoy fishing when it is the right time to go.

Like that old song said, it's better than "just a wishin'."


* All rights reserved.


© 2022 Demas W Jasper

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